I’m Forest, but you can call me Fo. I speak secret languages in secret places.



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To get to the heart of it, I’m a reader. I read the language of the world around me to create poetry. I read the language of the cards to offer you tarot, and I read the akashic records to learn about karmic histories and personal legacies. I read your energy, and I can read your future, present and past; I read so I can speak the secret languages of secret places in your service.

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“Forest read my cards and it was such a beautiful experience. It was as if she and the cards were reading my subconscious thoughts. She told me things I had been thinking about without knowing I was thinking about them. She found a way to articulate my current life and make me realize how to embrace my present while looking to my future. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a reading, it was enlightening, freeing and such a wonderful experience.

– Marcie, Tarot Testimonial

The Secret Third Space: Poetry Trilogy

A collection of works spanning a decade this trilogy explores the uncovering, recovery, and becoming of being human. Filled with poetry, prose, short stories, journal entries, playlists, spells and letters this is a collection that exquisitely bears the heart to its readers.

With themes of the elements, astrology, existentialism, deep symbolism, witch craft, tarot, and sexuality this is a deeply moving and intimate body of work.

From the cave of a queer, Canadian authors heart comes the gift of The Secret Third Space; Poets Trilogy.

truth is not a thing, place, nor feeling. it is a journey. it is all things we discover and equally ignore.

Justice – The Secret Third Space, F.E.G.

A self guided e-course designed to help you learn the language of the cards and the universe around you.