To answer your first question, Forest Eden Greenwell is my real name.


I have been thinking less about what I do in the world as work and more as an offering. Yes, my job is running Fiends. But, my offering is of the spiritual and mystic realm. Through reading tarot, studying symbology + soaking up all the knowledge I can on astrology, meditation, the mind-body connection and all the interesting facets that weave our human experience together I have a profound, unique and ever-growing base of knowledge to hold divine space for you to access your own personal power.

You can book in for a reading either online or in-person here, or contact me for an akashic records reading or a mystic session.


Not as a human, we all know that one. But as a creative, a mystic, an author, a person in spiritual pursuit. In some ways, I have always been. When I look back at my childhood of jumping down entire cases of stairs saying I could fly and landing every time, meditating by the water before I knew the words stillness or presence, talking with fairies and ghosts, my own language that I consistently spoke and sang in that never was or will be of this world.

Of course, I got lost for a bit. We all do because actively finding ourselves is a kind of initiation. A practice that has been all but lost in todays culture in the west. At the end of my teenager years everything started to make sense again. I found Tarot – on tumblr but for real in a used book store across the country where the deck I still read with today was a gift I gave to myself.

But before I went anywhere with that I spent years as a barista, managing restaurants, serving, hosting events and building community. At heart, I knew I was a curator of some kind so I dove into everything that was available to me, everything I thought I wanted and developed a set of skills that now carries me in my own endeavours.

Amongst this I dove deeper into my yoga practice and took a training to learn about the entirety of the culture, practice, lore, and spiritual beliefs around it.

Somewhere in between there I wrote my first book, a gaze into what it is we hold to be profound and important in our minds and why.

I decided to move to Halifax after spending many creative hours here; exploring, feeling alive, seeing the beauty of slower living. It was a city a few steps down from Toronto, with less chaotic energy – yet still energetically powerful.

After moving here I learned we are on top of large quartz and amethyst deposits and things started to make sense; what I knew of my world and my relationship with the world was simultaneously confirmed and destroyed. I realized there is the context of the world we create to live in, and the truth of the world that we must awaken to.

My first winter on the East Coast I wrote my second book, Under The Callous; Exploring what it really means to be vulnerable again in the face of situations and circumstances that we have protected ourselves from – how to become alive again to the gifts of the world in its ease and challenge.

In less then a year from moving here, I was starting my own business. Something I had thought about for years and had dabbled in with a project called herHABITAT but this felt different. Deeply different.

The conception of what is now known as Fiends came to me in a meditation. Things I had been thinking about for years and skills I had been harbouring and working to unbury for decades congealed into a solid thing that made sense. So I went for it. I had already quit my jobs and realized that the kind of security I needed was more than just financial. It was spiritual, emotional, and deeply personal.

I now read Tarot professionally for a living, with 7 years of learning under my belt. I teach courses like TAROT 101 where we learn about the language of the world – of your world – so we can decipher the many layered stories the cards and our lives hold. I facilitate circles of witches and mystics to celebrate the Moon cycles and am working on my third book.


Why any path? I do not feel as though I had a choice, but I will let you know how I came to accept and find the information that currently leads me forward.

Although I have always been told I was “mature” for my age, had strong convictions in my values and have consistently been interested in the same things.

It was only when I read my natal chart did things start to make sense. Ones natal chart is a personal map of where the planets and stars were positioned at ones time of birth. Over our lifetime, the relationship of these planets starts to create a pattern for us. We go through certain circumstances and feelings, see the different tensions that are unique to us and how they show up to challenge and support us.

I’ve started looking at these patterns like our personal mandalas in life. Our own sacred geometry and key to unlocking deeper parts of our path and knowledge. Through astrology is how I learned to accept this path. This “why”.

I can’t say there is a real rhyme or reason other than I was born at this place and time to discover this work. This path. Just as you were uniquely born for the exact same reason, no matter how we may differ in our duties.


Currently, I work out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve travelled across the country and have come to call this place home.

But if you don’t live here or near, don’t fret.

I am available online for all of the work I do, and have special practices to specifically connect me to you when you’re not physically in front of me.

I’ve read and taught people in Singapore, NYC, Australia, across Canada, and countless other places of connection. My work and purpose know no bounds of city limits and borders.


I’ve been reading Tarot for over 7 years, practicing yoga for 9 and have thousands of hours that have been dedicated to research, reading, writing, connecting, and building community.

In accumulation, I’ve spent nearly a decade diving deep into myself and those around me to gain deeper understandings and insights – formally and informally.