Forest is sitting on an antique floral couch, holding a handmade mug that says "fiends" and reading a purple book. she is wearing a harley davidson t-shirt, blue jeans, and white platform doc martens.


I’m Forest, but you can call me Fo. I’m a claircognizant tarot reader, poet, mystic and akashic guide.


forest is sitting, looking into the distance wearing a white lace bustier, hand painted mens jacket and jean shorts. Candles burn in the background.


To get to the heart of it, I’m a reader. I read the language of the world around me to create poetry. I read the language of the cards to offer you tarot, and I read the akashic records to learn about karmic histories and personal legacies. I read your energy, and I can read your future, present and past.

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“Honestly, you (and the lords of the Akashic I suppose) have given me something better than anything I have ever received. The remembrance of before and the language is returning in waves… I had a reiki session… she articulated how there were no chakras that she felt, just one column of light like my human energetic blueprint has dissolved. The message she gave was “You are no longer Kennedy, you’re connected with your constellation”.”

– Kennedy, Akashic Record Testimonial


Finally, a place to land with your questions and intentions. A place where your curiosity can get really big, and really playful. The Mystic Guidance Club is all about diving into the things that allow us to ask big questions with our big hearts + minds.

If you’re interested in tarot, astrology, the akashic records and your personal spiritual practice this is the membership for you.

For only $4.99CAD a month you get:
– Monthly tarot readings for the elements, broken down into the signs
– Access to all past #MOONMOODS e-mails
– 15% off a reading of your choice every month
– monthly articles with themes of tarot, astrology, and other mystical wonders


Diving into what spirituality is, how we access it, the mythos and taboo around spiritual practices and how to digest it all. We will be taking on experiments (like what is micro-dosing and how does it affect us?!), divulging the astrological forecasts and even reading cards.

If you love to laugh, learn, and use strong language for strong experiences then this is the podcast for you.