Sometimes I have I remind myself that’s it’s okay to be tired and that’s it’s okay to sleep around you. I’ve made moments and you’re not leaving and this isn’t fleeting and it’s okay to not spend every night awake all night because I can’t get enough of you. I never will, but I’ll always try. But not because I want you to end but because I want to be so filled up. But I am limitless and you are limitless and I hope that you’re not reading this and I hope that also maybe you are. But that you won’t say anything. It’ll be like mokita. But what I mean is, I just can’t stop writing and I just need to sleep but you’re around and I can’t stop thinking thoughts that I don’t want to lose so I write and I write and I write and you’re sitting beside me playing video games and I’m smiling and I wonder if you even know that I’m writing but you probably think I’m on twitter. But I’m not. But I’m thinking about you. And I’m writing about you. And I’m writing about thinking about you while thinking about writing about you and my thoughts don’t always circle on themselves like this. But they are. And they do. But not always – just now. And I really need to sleep. And I really need to stay awake.