You are more than the thunder from every storm, more than all the sand on the beach that my feet will never meet and more than the all leaves of every tree that will never give me shade. More than the pollution in my lungs from the air I don’t breathe enough of, and more than the hand full of pills I would take when I thought life wouldn’t give me more of what I was convinced I needed. You are more than every turn of every page of every time I’ve ever read my favourite book, more than every word I thought of when I tried to think of how your lips felt and all I came up with was melancholy and petrichor. You are more than every secret I tell you that I tried to keep even from myself, more than every stroke of every eyelash that kisses my cheek when you’re falling asleep. You are more than every shade of blue in your eyes that change every time I look at them, but nothing can be more than my love, not even you.