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It’s Aries season for most of this month, which rams itself right into the beginning of Taurus season. There is a lot of strong headed-ness in the month ahead and you can tell it’s going to be affecting most signs with the amount of swords that are in the reading. Swords are a card that deal with the intellect and everything that comes with it – ideas, knowledge, anxiety. Its cycle is one that starts with using our brain and lapses into losing control of our brain – inevitably being controlled by our thought patterns and fears. 

Pairing with the overhang of swords in April, we also have an abundance of even numbers in this chart. 14/24 cards are even numbers, while only 2 sit at odd. It is believed in some cultures that numbers have a deep significance; they hold their own souls, colours, and meanings. Twos represent partnership and harmony, fours stability and planning, sixes are a symbol of beauty of the heart, eights are for abundance and hard work, 10 for completion and constant change (which seems contradictory, but they balance each other). So with all of this in mind, what we’re seeing in April is ultimately a time of intuition. It’s a time of looking inwards to harmonize with ourselves, our current beliefs, and working towards our own personal ideals. In fact, this might be what the next 4 months look like for you. As Jupiter is about to station retrograde, the energy of this planet is emphasized inwards. All retrogrades have something to teach us, and although they get a bad wrap for being challenging times they help us grow in the areas they push us. Jupiter is the planet of luck, growth, expansion, optimism, abundance, and understanding. Retrograde doesn’t mean all these things go away – it means that they’re focused inward instead. It’s going to highlight places of lack and blockage in these areas from the inside out. 

Are you seeing the pattern? It shows up in the stars, in the cards, and in the numbers. It’s a time of personal growth and expansion. Of doing the work, but on ourselves more than out in the world. When we take this time to focus in ward there is a lot more understanding of where all these qualities show up and how much our own attitudes dictate our futures. 




6 of swords – this is a card of letting go of mental burdens. Whether it be ideologies you no longer relate to, anxieties you’re ready to put to rest, or just tasks that don’t need your focus at the moment. You don’t always need to have fuel to add to the fire – sometimes having too much going on can stifle you instead of helping you grow. Give yourself room to breathe.


Ace of cups – sometimes feeling emptied out isn’t a bad thing. It can give us a place to assess what we want to be filled with. What our new beginnings look like. You get to choose what you come to the table with and what you let yourself be moved by. When dealing with big emotions – especially ones we’re letting go of, it can feel hard to let ourselves be vulnerable to new joys and sparks. Is it real? Is it here to stay? Don’t hold on so tightly, and enjoy the ride for what it is. 




2 of pentacles – talk about juggling act. You’re finding the balance in your work life. Pentacles are about material wealth and our physical world. There is a lot of focus on what your work can bring to your life and what your life can do for your work. What about what can your work do for you?


8 of cups – you’re walking away from emotional burdens. Things that you’ve loved and held on to for a long time are no longer serving you. It doesn’t matter if your cups are full if they aren’t ones you want to drink out of. Finding a place of emotional fulfillment and joy in yourself and for yourself will be this months work. Not for how it looks, how it fits into your life, or how much it makes sense. Clear your emotional state and start fresh.




7 of wands – you’ve got a lot of passion. Ideas and manifestations coming out every end of your being. But sometimes the things we want are too much. Sometimes they come too fast and it’s overwhelming and we’re not sure where to begin with it. You have a lot coming for you and your first instinct is to fight it and be overwhelmed.


4 of swords. This card depicts inner peace in our mental states. While there is so much new –  so much the world wants from you – you’re finding yourself in a state of panic. You’re allowed to take time to consider the options. You’re allowed to turn all that child-like energy inwards and find those moments of peace. It can be hard when there is so much external stimulus, but if you learn now the next 4 months will be full of inward growth instead of outward struggle.




6 of swords reversed – There is a lot you need to work through. Upright the card is of letting go (as you can see in aries) but reversed it’s almost like you’re taking these things inwards – and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Sometimes we need to open up and be vulnerable with ourselves about our true feelings, thoughts, and anxieties so that we can authentically move forward with them.


The devil – you’re going to have to face your vices at one point or another, and this month it might be extra hard. Even though you’re taking so much inward, to actually do the work of changing what you recognize is a whole other story. You’re a cancer, you value comfort. This can show up in a lot of different ways. With Jupiter retrograding it can look like a lot of excess – excessive laying around, excessive eating, excessive drinking. Ask yourself what you really need not what you really want. Making these choices now will pave the path for the future when healthier choices become a habit instead of a struggle.




4 of swords – Peace of mind is your middle name right now. Or at least your second one. Whatever it is that you’re doing you’ve come to terms with the good and the hard of it. There is a sense of steadfastness about your ideas and thoughts. You’re supported in your mind and don’t need to fight with yourself. Sinking into the Jupiter retrograde and going inwards is just fine by you, as you get to be in your own spotlight and look at all that you’ve done this year already.


4 of cups – although you’re at peace with your thoughts, there is still a sense of apathy lurking around the corner. A sense of unfulfillment. While your head is good, your heart seeks more. It’s not a lack of gratitude, but maybe your natural sense of grandeur needs to be pulled back a smidge right now, Leo. There’s nothing wrong with the noblest pursuits but if your lofty goals are causing you pain then maybe you need to sit that pride down and have a conversation with it about gratitude. 




8 of cups – you’re ready to walk away from emotionally burdening and draining parts of your life. No more jobs that don’t fulfill you. No more relationships that don’t appreciate you. You need to feel grounded in your heart space, not suffocated in it. This is a time of saying “no thank you” to things that, after long consideration, no longer add value to your life.


4 of swords – it’s easier said than done to feel good about walking away from things that aren’t for us. While the act itself may be doable, it’s often our own internal repercussions that hold us back or stop us from moving forwards. It’s a difficult, but perfect time to go inwards and recognize that maybe we need to clear out our personal, internal spaces just as much as we need to do that in the physical world.




8 of pentacles – you’re ready to hunker down and get to work. There is no one who can make what you do happen in quite the same way and you’re well aware of it. But with spring comes that energy that keeps you moving forward and all of your hard work will be met with ideal conditions to get it done. This is a time of focus, especially when you have a solid plan or team on your side that gets your vision. You are the maker of your world.


2 of pentacles – although you have so much energy and will to hunker away at work, you still have other obligations. Homes, families, loved ones, and perhaps other businesses that need your time and energy as well. Balance is going to be challenging this month, so although you’ll be getting a lot done you’ll also be falling behind in other areas if you’re not careful. 




King of Swords reversed – you like to be in control, we know that much. Especially of your emotions – this card is an upheaval of the control of your emotions. And maybe that’s what you need – to see what you’ve been holding back at authentic face value and be able to move forwards with it. To not have to put such a heavy burden on yourself or hold everyone to such a high standard. No one needs you to be perfect – the pressure it takes to achieve that isn’t worth putting yourself through. Instead, work on being authentic. Upfront. Speaking your mind as it is, when it is instead of letting feelings fester.


10 of swords – letting go of your ego is always hard, but especially right now. As a water sign you’re deeply emotional and relate yourself to your feelings. If you can’t let something go, you can’t let that version of yourself go either. We are all reborn every day. You’re allowed to be almost exactly the same as you were yesterday, but truthfully you’re not. Being able to let go of things that don’t serve you is hard but rewarding. Let go of those feelings that you’re holding onto for the sake of it. Stop comparing your current self to old failures. Be here now. 




Strength – you’re moving with compassion for yourself and your challenges in this month. Instead of hiding from the hard things, you’re instead looking at how they can be cherished by you – and you them. It’s a card of internal resilience and understanding. You’re going to find strength in facing your obstacles with kindness, they’re not to be demolished but understood.


6 of cups – sometimes its easier said than done to share the good stuff. It’s easy to get into a routine of only sharing what is necessary or when we need help, but it’s good practice to let the world know all that you’ve cultivated. It’s not gloating if others are inspired by you. It’s not chauvinistic to be proud of yourself and to share the knowledge of how you got there with others. You’re allowed to share any part of yourself that you please, but you’re encouraged now to share the stuff that you hold dearest to you.




King of swords – you are finally seeing it all come together – all the pipe dreams and layers of work and workshops and practices are coming together into the master idea. You’re on top of what needs to be done, at the peak of where all these ideas have led you. Even though it’s time to turn inward again to prepare yourself, you’re in a position of power. There are many people who look up to you and for your insights.


Justice – Sometimes it can be a blessing to see all things so clearly and without judgement, but in this case it’s holding you back because nothing feels complete or perfect. Sometimes we need to have a little bias towards ourselves so that we can feel like what we have to share is worth it. That we’re the only person who will share all of what we know in the ways we know it. Don’t let your ability to see through things stop you from sharing your own wisdom.




6 of wands – you’re in a place of reverence, whether its coming from yourself or your community. You’re ready to lead and are being ushered into the position with grace. To some it seems like you’re on a high-horse, but really its a place you were asked to be more than a place you asked to be.


Wheel of fortune – with anything possible, this sends your creative mind whirring. Sure, this is where you are right now but where will you be next week? next year? Is right now fruitful for those futures? Try staying present. It can be hard when the ability to think in many different directions is what makes you unique, but it can also be a burden when you can’t focus on where you’re at right now. Make moves for the present moment, it’ll support your future how it needs to.




9 of swords – all of your anxiety and heavy feelings are coming from your head! You’re totally safe, but you feel overwhelmed and burdened. It’s okay to feel this way, and it’s a good time to crawl into yourself and expand into these parts to let some light in and shake off the dust. But just know that whatever story you’re telling yourself, you’re the narrator of. You can change the tune at any time.


The world – this card is a depiction of harmony. Its the feeling of being at one with your universe. While you’re in the process of observing all of these things that burden you and what to fill the space with, it can feel like there’s an imbalance. Sometimes being off kilter is exactly right. Sometimes we’ve muscled our way in sideways and have become so used to it that we don’t realize which way is actually up. You feel disoriented in your life at the moment, but that’s because you’re in the process of undoing things that harm you and moving away from that as your norm. 

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