I’m a firm believer that every aspect of ambiance and our senses is important. When curating an event I don’t just look at the food or decorations; smells, sounds, textures, colours, the entire feng shui of a place comes into account because we experience with all of our sense. To leave out these details is to deprive a part of that experience.

I think that the internet is the same way – I can’t bring all of you into my home to sit on my velvet couch, to hug you, to let you smell the earthiness of freshly watered plants or the palo santo I’ve burned.

But I can bring you into my mind with words, I can bring you into my space with photos, and I can bring you into my moods with sounds. So as a new addition to everything I do here, I’m adding in an audio sector. This will cover playlists I’ve curated or found with songs and sounds I love, podcasts I’m on, and spoken word pieces I’m working on.

Every year I make a playlist that I add to for the entirety of the year. There is no specified mood other than everything on this playlist, at some point in the year, has spoken to me. Whether it’s a new-to-me song or an oldie that suddenly hits home. It acts as a time capsule for the moments and memories of the year. I know that whenever I listen to these playlists they become a portal to versions of myself.

So here is this years, still being updated so that you can get an idea of who I am and what speaks to me in this time frame. And hopefully you find pieces you’ve never heard of and sounds that are new to you that make you feel as well.

If you’d like to follow me on Spotify to keep updated and follow these playlists you can find me by searching “forestgreenwell” in the users section of the search.

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