A taroscope is my personal mash-up of astrology and tarot reading. I take into account the “major transits” (or at least the ones I am aware and knowledgeable about) going on at any given time for an overview, then pull 2 cards for each sign – the energy you’re bringing and the challenge you will face in this.

There’s a lot to decode in astrology and that doesn’t really even touch the surface of our personal lives so much as what “natural” influences are going to affect our entire society (you know when it seems like half the people you know experiencing the same phenomenons and oddities… thats astrology shit). I love tarot because it’s so symbolic and I think that personal symbolism is what gets us through the day-to-days and speaks to us on an individual level. It’s easy to get caught up in the rhythm of the universe, to defer our feelings and habits. But tarot is a little different, a little more specific. It deals with the nitty-gritty energy that we so often like to ignore. Where astrology will tell us that Mercury Rx is a time that makes communication difficult, tarot will tell us where the challenge lays as an individual.

So I use both – a bigger picture idea of what’s going on, and then how we’re all going to handle these things. If you know what your rising sign is as well as your sun sign, then read the taroscope for both.

If you don’t know but want to, you can do your Natal Chart! I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet to do this – it’s incredibly interesting to read about yourself in depth and see how all the minutiae of the planetary alignments have made you totally unique.

Over time you will start to see patterns emerge, learn about the different signs, houses, and placements and it will be like being able to read your future! Even knowing what sign the moon is in helps me understand my “moon swings” as I now like to call them.


Welcome to Taurus season! The time of delicately fine-tuning oneself, staying as comfortable as possible at all times, with a side of home-body. This earthy sign is all about creating the stability necessary to be your best and strongest self – whatever that looks like. There’s a lot of Major Arcana cards appearing which says there is a lot of work going on that will cause fundamental shifts in our lives – where the Minor Arcana ( suits of swords, pentacles, cups, and wands) help us to understand the focus on which realm of our lives we are doing the work on.

Right now astrologically we have some beautifully complimentary (and challenging) shifts taking place. Our last full moon was in Libra – the second full moon in a row with this sign and the third in the last 12 months. There is a huge focus on working towards balance with this energy, and paired with the earthy Taurus season it’s especially focused. We also have Mercury going direct through Aries which deals with our communication. While it allows us to be direct about what we want and what we need – especially in this time of forming new personal boundaries – it can also sometimes mean we come across as harsh or callous when really we’re just navigating these intricacies.

Jupiter is also retrograding – the planet of luck, expansion, growth! All that energy is turned inwards allowing us to understand where it is that we come into a place of responsibility for the faculties of our life. Does our mind and beliefs support what we want for ourselves? Are we unintentionally self-sabotaging? This a period of intense personal growth and expansion that may not be seen completely on the surface but is happening at all times behind the scenes. We’re leaning into letting go, of reframing what we know, of becoming responsible for the work we need to do personally. It’s a longer Rx of about 4 months; we’ll see it go direct again in August when all of that goodness will come bubbling to the surface as we show the world our inner upgrade.



WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING / Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

Upright, this card is a reminder that nothing is set in stone and that even with the most careful planning the world has a whim of it’s own. But for you, Taurus, in the reversed position this card is a clear calling that no matter what happens around you, you’re responsible for what happens IN you. Your reactions, thought patterns, and emotions are all your responsibility and you’re bringing that self-empowerment to the table no matter what challenges are being thrown your way.

YOUR CHALLENGE / Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

The act of becoming is hard. There is so much pressure, stigma, and “rules” set out about how we should live life and the best way to do so. This idea of tradition and what you owe to those around you is something that you’re working with this month. What do you owe to those around you? Are you sacrificing your duty to honour yourself to uphold what you’ve been taught is right? There is a middle ground, and while sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as you would like you surely don’t have to give up or conform to “the norm” either.


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING / Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

Sometimes, Gemini, you get a bad wrap for being all over the place. The twins in you vacillating fiercely, making you unpredictable and prone to mood swings. While this may be true sometimes, it’s equally as true that we can all act this way. You’re feeling particularly care-free this month. Sure, there are no plans and things are crazy and maybe you feel a bit out of control – but it’s also what you’re craving. You’ve dedicated a lot of time to refining and mastering yourself recently. Now is the time to let loose of your responsibilities and let this new version of yourself out to play.


Although you have an intense desire to run free and enjoy the landscape of your life, you’re also feeling that need to draw inward. While you’ve had an almost forced period of reflection, working, and growth so that you could relish this freedom, you now find yourself at a place where you actually want to be in your own space. You want to reflect. You want to be quiet. And while this may not be ideal as adventure awaits, this energy can be brought anywhere you go. There is always a place for self-reflection and growth. You don’t have to shut yourself up in your room, but you also don’t have to feel guilty if thats the kind of energy you need right now.


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING / The High Priestess (Reversed)

Sometimes, we need to turn off our feelings and just power forwards. We need to put our heads down and do the work and tune out the rest of the world – but at the end of the day we need to come back to ourselves, not just the idea of us that other people need. This is a time of reclaiming your intuition. Of sitting in the quiet moments that have perhaps become a place of anxiety and letting yourself feel your feelings. It can be beneficial to get the work done, but sometimes if we tune out that gut for too long we end up stranded in places that aren’t where we thought we were working towards. Take time to reassess and realign. It’s okay to backtrack – take what you’ve learned on your realigned path.

YOUR CHALLENGE / 6 of Swords

You’re having trouble letting go of what you think – whether it’s dreams that no longer serve you, anxieties that have no foundation, or simply just a POV that is clouding your ability to see clearly. You have a plan, you have a reason, it all makes sense! But sometimes making sense isn’t enough. What are your deep held secret desires? What is it that makes you feel empowered? What are your true manifestations and how can you make room for them in your life? You deserve to be nurtured and cared for by yourself, you don’t owe your life path or plans to anyone else.


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING / The Sun (Reversed)

Usually you’re all sunshine Leo! It’s your ruling planet! But this card reversed indicates that you’re being more scrupulous about where you’re letting that light shine. No need to glorify people, places, or situations that aren’t helping you grow. No point in letting your future sit in darkness because you really want to see that one flower of your past bloom. This is a time of reframing your resources and energy. The sun isn’t gone, it will still always rise. But the seed can’t see the sun even when it’s getting its energy – that’s the vibe here. Keep growing towards the light and eventually the energy you’ve been putting out into the world will shift your way as well.

YOUR CHALLENGE / King of Swords

It’s hard to not fall back into old patterns – especially ones with that amazing instant gratification vibe! You love giving, you love nurturing, you love sharing your light! Not giving everyone all of your energy doesn’t mean that you they aren’t deserving of it. Instead, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself how you can nurture you. When you are whole and giving yourself all that you need, what more can you give to those around you? It’s a hard shift, but if you want to see all these plans succeed and action taken in your personal growth then a lot of the work that needs to happen is internal. You’ve done all of the networking that you need to – now is the time for neural connections. Make an action plan and stick to it. Honour your own word. 


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING / The Sun (Reversed)

You are always the peace maker, working so hard to make sure those around you are happy and good because your sensitive nature makes it a challenge to be around those who don’t feel good. But sometimes this can look like enabling. You don’t need to be the positive ray of sunshine that everyone expects from you. You’re allowed to set boundaries and decide what kind of growth you want to put your energy into. There’s no reason that everyone in your life needs your attention just because they’re there. Remember that while you can shed some light for them, everyone still needs to water their own garden.

YOUR CHALLENGE / 3 of Pentacles

you have so much to say and share! But you don’t know how. There is a blockage – it feels like if you pick just one thing that everything else will come tumbling down on top of you. This fear keeps you waiting for something to come along to move all of the little challenges out of the way. The truth is though, if you start with something small you’ll soon realize that moving that mountain isn’t as hard or dangerous as you thought. You’re not going to get stuck under it and die. Instead, you will find yourself invigorated by action and have learned so much in the process that is the missing piece to whatever it is you’ve been trying to figure out. Tackle all those little things and you will find a change triple the size is awaiting you on the other side.



You’re balancing out your scales this month, Libra. Or at least starting fresh with them. Forget everything you thought you knew, let go of the feelings that you think define you, and take ‘em all out for dinner and leave them to pay. You are enough without all of the things that hold you back. You have multitudes inside of you that can constantly be re-worked, challenged, and changed. You’re ready to look at the way you define yourself and let go of all that is hindering you from your true image.


Sometimes when we release so heavily, when we totally empty our cup we forget that there is a lot of things we don’t anticipate letting go of with that either. Even though you feel purged, you may feel more empty than refreshed. How can you let yourself bask in this emptiness instead of wallow in it? Remember all the room you have to breath, all that you can build, and all the power you have to define (and re-define) who you are. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, you don’t have to be “whole” or “accomplished” by other peoples standards. Finding balance is about knowing what it is that you’re starting from – so while it may not be the most joyous or exciting time it will be fulfilling and enlightening.



You are feeling empowered, in control, like you are playing with fire and loving it. You’re used to keeping people on the surface – of keeping the depths of yourself private so you can protect all of the softness that fills you up. But sometimes strength is opening up and that’s what this time calls for. Whether its with a partner, with taking actions for your career, or simply just having a conversation with a friend. You don’t need to be solitary or secretive – while there is merit to harbouring your manifestations, they also need to be released at some point so they can grow. Whatever it is that has you opening up, it’s worth it. You’ll find your cup being filled instead of drained.


You are ready for action, but maybe not the action. You know which one I’m talking about. The first step of a long journey, turning the key in the lock – hell even putting the key into the lock! While you know what you want and how to get there (its a simple journey!) There are moments it feels impossible to move forward, but also moments it feels impossible to stop. Take whatever pace you need and know that you can always detour if necessary. 


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING / The Chariot (Reversed)

You’re rerouting – or maybe even staying very still. This is unusual for you, Sag, as you’re so used to going after what you want. Your ambitions are the carrot in front of you and seem to just be out of reach. Maybe you’ve come so far following your desires that you’ve looked up and realized that you’re not where you want to be. You can make the best of this place, you can look back, you can figure out what steps you need to take from this place. We all need to get a little lost sometimes to realign our priorities and this is a totally welcome reprieve in your life right now. You don’t have anywhere to get to right now.


You don’t feel like you’re in alignment with your world right now. There is a disconnect between what you want inside and what you’re doing outside. This makes your philosophizing mind whirl and your first instinct is to take action – but right now is a time for stillness and assessment. To learn just why exact these scales have been tipped and you feel out of touch with the reality you’ve worked so hard to create. Don’t turn a blind eye to what doesn’t feel right – instead use this time to assess what’s rubbing you the wrong way and how to learn to not avoid what’s uncomfortable, instead learning to face and remedy these things. 



You have new ideas and new energy behind them too. You’ve been cultivating and brewing up exactly what it is you’re going to release. While it hasn’t been a dormant time, you’ve focused a lot of energy on cultivating your skills. Now is the time to bring that action more direct. You are the kind to always know your purpose, but not necessarily how to use that purpose. This is a time of discovery – allow that child in you to guide you to explore and try out new things. Even adventurous steps have great purpose to them.


You feel happiest when you are working towards a specific goal – especially happy when you can share that with those around you. In this cultivation period it’s confusing and you feel like you’ve told people so many different things; changed your mind so many times. There have been 100 versions and tweaks to what your vision is.  While it’s not required of you to share every aspect of your growth and journey, you do find it difficult to share your successes. Open up, Cap! People want to be joyous for and with you. You don’t have to take it so seriously, and the sharing of celebration can sometimes make all the work you’ve done more real.



You’re bringing everything you have to the table. Some might call it over-prepared, but you’ve spent a lot of time cultivating your knowledge and you’re excited to put it all to use. Although your knowledge bases are vast and your interests run deep, even the most obscure and nearly opposite insights have a way to work together. You’re willing to figure out how much of everything you need to incorporate – but first you’ve gotta bring it all to the table. Just remember that sometimes less is more and there will always be times and places for knowledge even if it isn’t necessary for what you’re working on right now. 

YOUR CHALLENGE / 4 of Pentacles

You have worked hard for what you have, and although you’re willing to bring it all to the table you’re not necessarily ready to let a little go to get a lot more. Whatever your resources are, you’re holding them tight for fear that it’ll leave you empty handed – that if you don’t hold them close they will get lost, wither, or be misused. But what’s that saying about if you love something let it go? I think the same can be said right now about your knowledge. You don’t need to use every single skill set you have. There are always times of dormancy and you’ll get more done if you release your grip and see what the situation in front of you actually needs – not just what you want to bring.



You want so many things, yet none of them seem to be going your way. Or at least not the way you thought they would. Your dreamy nature makes you sensitive, but it also allows you to be open to the potentials of what’s going on in front of you. Sure, you wanted to make a circle. But if a triangle is what’s showing up for you, then you have everything you need to take what is being given to you and not get too hung up about your “plans” going wayward. You will find that mess is the best, most fruitful part of creation. So let yourself soak up all the goodness that’s coming your way even if it’s in a colour you’re not used to wearing.


You’re finding it challenging to balance – who would have guessed! One day everything feels great – you feel closer to your goals through flowing than you ever have through forcing. And then the next day you’re depleted and it feels like whatever it is you are creating is trying to kill you in turn. That’s okay – it’s all okay. These are the ebbs and flows, it’s okay to empty out and to fill up. Just make sure than you’re not sabotaging your foundations to try and add fuel to the fire of your creative desires.



You’ve been working on and towards a lot of things that are all rearing their heads at the same time. Sometimes we manifest abundance and it comes at us with more energy that we anticipate. At the time you are basking in the fruitfulness of your labours, but also needing to discern how much of your energy is going to go to all of these manifestations. They all need a lot from you to keep surviving, and while you’ve been giving so much of yourself to all of these projects, it’s time to understand that you need to give back to yourself too. It’s okay to take a back seat for a while and rejuvenate. Your abundance and hard work, while demanding, also allows you to take the time you need to rest so that you can continue to develop your work.


You are supported by an entire community – revered by them even! Yet, you seem to feel as though you’ve gotta go it alone. While sometimes a high horse is a place that other people put us, it can also be a place that we stay for fear of being trampled when we get to the ground. Know that humbling yourself to ask for and accept help from your community only strengthens your bond with them and enlivens your projects. You don’t need to be above everyone to be respected by them – a change of perspective will do great thing for you at this time.


If you were wondering about the “Major Transits” I was talking about that are going on now:

  • Jupiter Rx (aka retrograding)
  • Uranus is in Taurus (for 7 years!)
  • Mercury is in Aries
  • it’s Taurus season
  • the moon is in Aries but…
  • we’re living under the influence of the past two full Libra moons…

And this is only the surface – there is so much going on at all times, and there are so many websites and references to look at! My favourite and who I learn from the most at the moment is Chani Nicholas – she sends out horoscopes for each month, moon transit, and also playlists for each sign as well as telling you what’s coming up in astrological season we’re in (right now we’re in Taurus season). I’d recommend signing up for her newsletter if you’re into astrology and horoscopes with depth of information.