Creating a business is a lot of work! A lot of little steps that don’t all come together quickly – sometimes bundled in a productive afternoon or sporadically interspersed so you don’t realized how much has been done over so much time.

I have lots of new updates – my website, for one has been renovated which you will see if you are reading this, and realized if you’re getting this message to your inbox. This is almost always constant though – it is a reflection of my virtual life and is updating as often as my home.

Here is a round-up from May thus far.


Yes, it’s as good as it sounds! Skype readings are here. I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries over the years about doing readings online and always had my own reservations. I wanted to respect the energy and sacred nature of a reading. I didn’t want to be grouped into this fast, unceremonial service group and make you feel like I could fix your problems or tell you what you want to hear.

Often, what I find in the cards can be difficult or emotional to swallow. It’s important to create and hold space that honours your energy – that isn’t invasive but still lets you feel comforted. That understands any experience is fully sensory whether we realize it or not and to embody those important details. I can’t control this from online.

But I realized through a lot of meditation and reflection, that I can still do my best. I can provide resources, quality, and comfort from afar. I connect every day through a vast number of mediums on the internet and have never felt a connection lacking because of physical proximity. We are all connected in some way or another.

So, as it is, I have cultivated a deluxe Skype Tarot Reading service. I guarantee quality of audio and video. I provide you in advance with a package that outlines suggestions for what you can personally achieve for ambiance. Smells, textures, lighting… Giving you the tools for your perfect reading from the comfort of your home and from what you have available to you.

I will make an audio-recording of the reading, a written PDF break-down, and capture high-quality photos of your reading – all sent conveniently to your inbox.

You can read more about my Tarot Readings here!


This is something I have inadvertently been doing for a while, but am now making it a *thing*. If you follow me on instagram then every couple of days you’ll notice in my story that I post updates about what sign the moon is in and what that means for us!

These will still be available in my story as the cycles start, but if you want a snapshot of your week ahead then you can sign-up for my newsletter (at the bottom of this page). I’ll send you a round-up of the moons phases, signs, and other astrological relevancies. You’ll also receive your monthly Taroscope at the beginning of each month (more about that below).

I call it Moon Moods because I’ve noticed through charting the moon and it’s cycles what I am feeling and why – sometimes I am intense, creative, and emotional. Other times lethargic, happy, and poetic. These small understandings of my life and the rhythms within the universe have been transformative and I would love to share what I know so you can start to gain that power over your own life.


A mash-up of Tarot and Horoscopes. At the beginning of each month I pull 2 cards for each sign and interpret them – the energy you’re bringing and the energy you’re going to rub up against this month. Taking into account major astrological transits as well, this is a great tool to understand the energy you’re working with and to help align yourself within your life. These are meant to help everyone find flow and to let go of resistance. To find meaning in the mundane and motivate you.

These are written for Slae Magazine but will be featured and shared here.


I will be making and selling a custom blend of bath salts. I originally made them as an part of the Under The Callous pre-sale package, but got so much wonderful feedback that I made them again. Which got even MORE wonderful feedback so I’m going to be making and selling them as a solo product. These are crystal infused magical salts that will ease all your woes about anything and everything.

The OG Ingredients

  • epsom salt
  • pink himalayan salt
  • rosemary
  • cinnamon
  • dried rose
  • citrine powder (or whatever crystal has been determined)

They will be made in small batches and I’m hoping to find thrifted vessels for them to help make this bath even more of a ritual and to help save our planet – regardless they are made sustainably and without any unnecessary packaging.

Each ingredient has a purpose, but I will write a post more about all those details and the small every day magics we can call upon to help use our beliefs to shape our worlds – including bath time.

This recipe will likely update or expand into different energy profiles (think citrus zest, pepper, and magnesium. Sage, milk, and lavender.)


A list of other projects and products I want to pursue and start in on – please let me know if these are of interest to you! I am a creative human, but I also appreciate my audience and ultimately everything I do is for the betterment of others through my own experiences.

  • A reading of Under The Callous – recorded raw and all the way through with stories and explanations for the pieces as necessary. An audible experience.
  • Tarot Spreads – either as one off’s or sold in packages (think 3 spreads for 5$ kind of deal!) as PDF’s or prints. These would outline the order/questions/purpose of the cards in question and expand any at-home readers understanding and knowledge of themselves and the cards: zodiac spreads, astrological spreads, moon mood spreads, and even menstruation spreads!
  • Playlists: curated for different moons, moods, zodiac signs, etc.
  • Prints – high quality prints of my digital art works, maybe even as stickers or post cards?
  • Pop-Up Shops: for Fo’s Fresh Finds and Tarot Readings!

I hope you’re as excited as I am for all of these offerings and to see what comes of the curation of all of these things.