I have always loved editing and design, in all shapes and forms. There is something in me that is greatly resistant to taking classes about it though (Hello MasterClass – when will a graphic design course be available?!) even though I know that it would likely benefit me to just know and understand the multitude of tools at my disposal.

As it is though, I’ve been undergoing a pretty awesome revolution of self-branding. This isn’t limited to just my online presence – I can see it in my style and life as well. The colours and textures I’m drawn to, the activities I want to participate in. Some of this has been a gradual shift, while other parts (like transparent white nike parachute pants) feel like they have happened over night.


Online is the easiest way to see the evolution of my branding. I’ve been practicing all of this since starting herHABITAT and it warms my heart to see how far I’ve come. While I still feel like my knowledge is so far from full, I’ve noticed how even as a hobby I’ve grown in this field.

I’ve changed my website layout, the fonts I use, the colours, and even my logo. It’s truly amazing the things you can do and what you can fall into if you just let yourself be free of constraints and rules. Somehow, cohesion happens when we don’t try so hard to steer. We know things about ourselves that are deeper than the conscious mind – including the colours we’re attracted to.

My new palette has tones of sand, blush pink, crimson, terracotta, gold, turmeric… It’s the earthy side of fire. Parts of myself that I feel were suppressed or over-ridden by my Cancer rising and Aquarius moon get to break free in my Leo Sun. There is so much of myself to embrace and share.

I think a part of my holding back is to not want to be seen negatively by my community. Always perpetually worried about what someone might think of me branding myself, of being annoying, of seeing it fail. So I’ve always been very cautious and conscious of my own development in these areas. I can feel it breaking free though – feel myself embracing what I am and what is wholly… including the parts that I have yet to figure out.


These same themes have carried into my tangible life as well. A love for red nail-polish, dressing up or down for no reason other than I feel like it, and even feeling the urge to be more physically active… I’ve seen my home shift a vast amount over the past few months, often finding myself moving objects and re-arranging as much as I have time for. Embracing a royal jungle feel to my home as I recently filled it to the brim with plants and have been sinking into the textures and plush life of bachelor living where I spend a lot of time in my bed and on my couch.

My closet has been making a slow transformation, that seems to have suddenly crawled up on me. Graphic Harley Davidson tee’s, my moms vintage letterman jacket, red mini dress, midi silk dress. My personal style is screaming biker cheerleader and I am loving it. It’s funny how I used to hate black as a teenager, and then for so many years avoided red except on Canada Day because my grandmother hates the colour. Now I don’t go a day without its adornment.

Even my personal aspirations have shifted a lot. From wanting to rule an empire, to now just wanting to help individuals find their best self and figure out how to work towards it. To wanting to do the same in myself and working on writing and discovering myself constantly so that I can share these revelations. It seems that, almost imperceptibly, my entire being has shifted. I have had a season of being able to retry things that have been challenging in the past (such as love and entrepreneurship), reinvigorating myself with all that is possible and also understanding that I don’t see the full picture yet and trying to move as gracefully as possible in this place of unknown.

A lot of this has to do with where we are at astrologically – well everything actually, and its been incredibly relaxing to be able to follow the flow of the planets and find movement in my life that mirrors what is going on out there. I’m using all the time I can gather to observe, understand, detach from ego and move forward with intentions that are aligned with my whole self – not just the self I see in my mind.