Tarot is so interesting to me. It mixes numerology, symbology, serendipity, psychology, and energy. Basically a whole clusterfuck of things I find incredibly cool. It’s at a beautiful time in it’s life where there is a drastic comeuppance in this field – whether it’s individuals who want to practice at home, people who are serious about their ritual readings, and now a lot of people who do it for work (I fit into this last category so if you wanna book a reading…)

In each deck there are 72 cards (or 73 if you’re like me and read with a blank card) which translates into 144 (or 145) different meanings, but for me it’s even more than that. The way the cards work together, the symbology and patterns that show up, and where they are positioned in a spread speak volumes to me. There is no one version of what the cards mean and often they have different, intricate meanings for different individuals and different decks.

My spreads are a foundation of my reading practice. They give context to the cards, help me understand where and why things are going on and what connections I’m seeing. It’s also a great way to learn how to ask questions. Tarot is not a yes-or-no kind of thang, in fact when I’ve tried to do that in the past I’ve gotten the Wheel of Fortune or Blank card every. Single. Time. Which is pretty incredible, now I just laugh and know that everything goes so much deeper than what we see and read into on the surface.

So I’ve put together my three favourite spreads for you all to try out in your practice and to give some insight into how my brain works when I’m reading. Some of them are very simple, others based off more traditional spreads, but all with my personal Greenwell twist on them.

I hope you enjoy! Please let me know in the comments or through social media what spreads you use, what you took from these, and if you learned anything new!