Originally written for SLAE Magazine

Cancer season is amongst us! Cancers are all about comfort – the mac and cheese in bed with reality T.V. kind of comfort – or whatever your version of that  is. We see a lot of patterns and the continuation of cycles from last months reading – 6 of Pentacles transforming into 7 of Pentacles in the challenges for Cancer – you can always look back and see what your personal astrological  + tarot thread has been. It can be beneficial to see what you’ve been working through and where you’ve come for it. If you know your rising sign, you can also read those taroscopes to get a more well rounded view of your astrology for the month.

There is a strong current of gratitude in July. Every sign has it in some way – being grateful for what we’ve done, where we’ve come from, what we have. Just allowing ourselves to be humbled and aware of what we’ve built for ourselves. This is a time to slow down a little bit and give ourselves the love and dedication we’ve been giving to our passions and ideas. We are an irreplaceable part of everything we do, and while there has been a lot of behind the scenes work going on it is now time to recognize all the work thats also gone into the development of being who we need to be for these next stages. Take a deep breath. 



Cancer, it’s your season and anything is possible. You’ve let go of so much from last months cycle – expectations, dead lines, routines and ideas that don’t serve you. You’re coming at your life with a fresh mind and clean slate, where your manifestations and wants for your life are coming from a place that is authentically you – stripped down and butt naked for the world (in the best way!) This is a great month to explore what your life looks like without limitations, whether that means letting go of things that hold us back, or simply reframing them. Let yourself be in a state of wonder and potential in the world. 

YOUR CHALLENGE ; 7 of Pentacles

You’ve been expecting more – or something different, or for that certain satisfaction to be satiated. The truth is, you’re doing amazing things and the only one who is stopping you from realizing the work you’ve done and continue to do, is you. You don’t need more opportunity, reward, or ego boosts. Look at your life and what in it that you’re grateful for. What is the honest truth about how you got there? Who is the authentic person behind that work? It’s you, babe. We can’t control our circumstances, gifts, or opportunities. All we can do is make the best with what we’ve got – and you’ve have made some very beautiful things. Relish in your accomplishments – it’s not egotism to appreciate yourself.



The reign of the intellectual world is on your side. You bring sharp vision, thorough research, and  an abundance of well thought out ideas. While this can usually mean clarity, sometimes clarity can appear harsh to others  – while this is a wonderful time to do inner provoking and research, or behind the scenes on work, also be wary to still bring emotionality into your interactions with the people in your life and to not appear too cold when really under the surface your big lion heart is really rippling with affection, love, and sensitivity that doesn’t always get relayed in analytics. 

YOUR CHALLENGE ; Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups asks you to take action in your emotions – this can be good if you have a tendency to  keep things under the surface. But it can also mean that we are facing the feelings of eruption from all the suppression. You are made to feel big, brave things – sometimes though, Leo, you let how you relay these feelings get out of hand. You are known for your drama, so while paired with the King of Swords you might appear to be swinging back and forth from cool and aloof to melodramatic. This is a great time to question how we act and react, and where we are acting from. Is it authentic? Is it for attention? 


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING ; 5 of Pentacles ® 

You’re feeling depraved, Virgo. You have everything you need but there is a place of lack within yourself that is making it challenging for you to move forward and into a place of empowerment in your life. You’re looking at where your stability comes from, if it’s sustainable, and what providing for yourself and those around you means. Are your expectations causing you to feel like you don’t do enough, when really you’re doing the most? Sometimes gratitude doesn’t mean looking at all that we have. It is often, about what we can give.


Introspection ain’t easy for any of us, but you’re feeling particularly resistant to it right now. Sometimes it is scary to face our personal truths – not because of what they say, often, but because of the judgements we face in ourselves. Find the same softness you give those you love in yourself and meet yourself with kindness. You are allowed to not do the most all the time, and no one expects you to be there all the time. Don’t let others needs distract you from needing yourself.



New month, new you Libra! 10 of swords, while on the surface is a scary card, is really all about space for self-development. Whatever expectations, ideas, and needs there are that have comprised your life for so long, now is the time to kill the self that they belong to. At your core, beyond all the insecurities and expectations lays the you that longs to see the world – and that you are ready to show the world. Find safety in shedding old skins this month and liven yourself to the opportunities you have in creating yourself. 


Ah, while it is so easy to say “just become!” it is often without regard to how challenging it can be to truly extract parts of ourselves. If we empty ourselves out too much, it feels like we may crack. If we stay too full it feels like there is no change. Trust that once you get the polluted parts of you out, you will start to feel the balance of empty and full that allows you to flourish. Be patient, be diligent, and don’t aim for perfection – it is much more boring and disappointing that joy.



You’re feeling a little apathetic at the moment, Scorp. While you are used to big waves of emotion and experience that excite and drain you, you are now feeling… bored. Melancholy. Uninspired. But sometimes, when we have gotten so used to commotion, we associate the lack there of as something negative.  Take this time to assess where it is that you’ve levelled out – you may find that although you aren’t feeling totally thrilled by life right now, that you’re actually sitting at a pretty good place.  That there is much to appreciate, and sometimes it’s okay to level out. 

YOUR CHALLENGE ; Queen of Pentacles

Sometimes when we’re not deliriously excited or horribly depressed we just assume that something is wrong or missing. The high excitement of life can often draw us to continue seeking these highs in other ways. Instagram, throwing ourselves at work, drinking, shopping… Just know that your material world will rarely be able to truly affect your emotional world. As you navigate the stability of your life and what security looks like to you, make sure that you’re not fooling yourself into thinking a good underwear drawer equates to anything more than a good underwear drawer. If you want to make a difference in how you feel, scrutinize the contents of your life and their importance. What do you fill your fridge with? Your mind with? Forget about the closet. 



This is a time of looking in, Sag, which of course you love. But lately you’ve been so focused on what you’re building outside. What you’re working into being. You’re a naturally hopeful person – full of faith and questions. Now it’s time to ask yourself this: are you the person you want to be in all this? And if you are, take some moments to reflect on how everything that you seek and create outside of yourself, comes from this  star in your core. 

YOUR CHALLENGE ; 6 of Swords

When we look inwards, it can be challenging to sift apart what we feel and have known from who we really are. When we have resistance in our immediate actions and question ourselves we can start to untangle these things. It can be hard to do, not because you don’t want to let go of these parts of yourself that aren’t serving you (others expectations, projections, assumptions) it’s not that you have to let go of everything you are. But to see what it is that we choose and to face our own deepest selves wants and needs can be a shock. Move slowly but diligently through this time.


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING ; 6 of Pentacles

Capricorn, you are quite a generous sign when it comes to those you are devoted to – children, lovers, yourself. When you aren’t able to give, you can get hard on yourself. But the truth is this cycle is beneficial and necessary both ways. When we receive we are helping the giver heal. Look at the healing that has happened for you – ultimately this is a time of security 

YOUR CHALLENGE ; 7 of Swords

Integrity is important to you. Although you are very generous and humble you are also a sign that wants to believe the best in everyone – if you feel that is being taken advantage of you turn cold.  Assess if what you’re feeling belongs to this situation – is it intuition or anxiety? The only thing worse than others deceiving you is deceiving oneself.



Aquarius you have been building magnificent things. While always one to be breaking down the mould, it can be tiresome and endless work. You’ve been in deep development mode for a while now and you can feel things starting to shift a little bit. You are realizing that you’re not just doing this work – you are a part of the work. You can give your all to everything outside of you but if you don’t show up with that same attention to yourself it’s still going to be missing something. Redirect some of that energy inwards and know it will help in everything else that you’re working towards.

YOUR CHALLENGE ; 9 of Pentacles

Sometimes looking so far outside the box can also cause us to overlook everything that we have attained during this process. Acknowledge how much closer to your idea of fulfillment that you’ve gotten. Sure, maybe things aren’t happening as immediately as you wanted. Often our desires grow as we do – but once we step back and reflect you’ll realize there is so much to feel proud about. Your journey is what brings you abundance. 


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING ; Page of Swords ®

Pisces, the notoriously impulsive sign ever chasing the beauty of your dreams. Your creativity is sometimes challenging to keep under wraps and can make you someone who gets things done consistently – if not the most organized, definitely thoroughly for someone who is making everything up on a whim. But right now you’re ruminating a little bit more in your ideas – the impulsivity seems to be gone right now. Not that there is a good or bad, wrong or right way to develop your passions but sometimes when we slow down and make an action plan we can then move forward with even more power.


You’ve been burned recently, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Falling from a grace is an essential part in an artists career, if I do say so myself. Often, many times. Whether privately or publicly. Truthfully, pisces, you often are much more willing to make yourself the victim – so realizing our own flaws and taking accountability for them can be quite shattering. Don’t let this fall make you think you’re incapable of your dreams. Sometimes things just need to be reworked in ways that we can’t always see or understand. Take a moment to be in wonderment to whatever your surroundings on your new path are and use it to fuel your creativity. Right now there are no expectations to meet. 


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING ; 9 of Swords ®

It’s easy to get into our heads about things that could have been and should have been – you are particularly prone to this kind of ruminating. But right now, this comes in the form of appreciating all the ways things have gone to bring you to right now. This life, and this person. This is a time to break free of the chains of expectation and longing and realize all that you’ve attained. 


Even though things are excellent – perhaps even perfect – there is still some itching in you to always be working towards something specific. It can make it hard to concentrate and refuel when there is a constant need to go. While you don’t have any particular projects at this moment that may actually be the part that’s rubbing you the wrong way. When you have an idea at least you know you are working on it slowly – in your thoughts – even when relaxing. Just work on what you already know and love and sooner than you realize a goal will have materialized. 



Everyone needs a reset sometimes, and now its your turn, Taurus. You’ve had a wonderful streak of manifestations and all ahead of you lays the well earned fruits of your labours. Now, all you can do is keep trucking on a day at a time. Sure, this can be frustrating. But actually what it is, is space to do all the revisions of self that you’ve been working with already this year. What is is that makes you feel empowered? That makes you feel like you’ve got your shit together? Like you are your best self? Bring that special Taurus balance back into your life, this is the time to solidify all that you’ve tried on.

YOUR CHALLENGE ; 8 of Pentacles

Although you’ve been working diligently, endlessly, tirelessly. You have a dedication to the comfort of routine. But that is being thrown off. You’ll still be doing work, but it will take you time to adjust. Not everything we need happens by making money or making a home. This is a time to work on yourself – just as important as our resumes or bank accounts, are what our memories and stories are. 


WHAT YOU’RE BRINGING ; 8 of Pentacles

You’ve had quite the free spirited adventure, full of transformations. Which is your M.O. anyway Gemini, but this was particularly heavy. You’re feeling ready for the routine of hard work. There is nothing like Cancer season that makes you feel like you want to be at home – comfortable, safe, well fed. The usual. This doesn’t mean you won’t be having fun – that is impossible. But you will be genuinely enjoying the hustle of every day life. Look at the routines that benefit you even outside of monetary means. Is your bedtime routine on point? Are you hydrated? Is your laundry done? Take charge everywhere.

YOUR CHALLENGE ; 3 of Pentacles

You’re naturally creative – you can’t help but produce. Not just for yourself, but for others. You’re always taking in new things around you and with the unique Gemini spin on things these realizations are usually met with enthusiasm and support. But right now you don’t really have a message. You’re sorting through all the madness and how you can best support yourself so you can come whole to that creativity. This time is essential. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be back on your bullshit.