Originally written for Slae Magazine

Leo season brings us the much needed reprieve after the hardest astrology of the year. August is a potent, fertile month. Our lives are full of abundance, we’re seeing all the work we’ve been doing come to the table. We’re ready to move forward after wading through lessons we’ve already learned and closing cycles that have taught us a lot but now feel stale. 

We started August with a Leo New Moon in Leo, Lammas (which is a pagan holiday signifying the shift in seasons that happens once we’ve reached the peak of summer, and an eclipse.  It’s a month that lets us connect deeply in new ways and helps us not only see our authentic selves, but share it with those around us. You may have been feeling some instances of almost deja-vu. Seeing situations, places, and people that a year ago were influencing you. But now, after all you’ve learned and conquered this year, you’re also ready to see how to let go and to put all of your energy into people and projects you love. 

You may find yourself easily falling into patterns that have seen a lot of resistance in the past – how you eat, how you live, the chores you put off, the conversations that used to seem so hard. A lot of this is to do with Mercury going direct on July 31st letting us breathe some fresh air this month. We will also see Jupiter go direct on August 11th – this 4 month long retrograde has made us look into ourselves and get honest about the power we have to bring good luck, fortune, and growth into our lives. Luck doesn’t just happen – in order to win the lottery you need to buy a ticket. In order to see changes in our lives we need to enact it. The most impactful way to see lasting and true results in our outer world is to gain control of our inner world. You’ve worked so hard on breaking habits, assessing patterns, and managing boundaries. 

On August 12th Uranus goes retrograde which means even more changes are enacting – but again these are all things that support us. Our greatest desires are often things that we just need to do, yet the focus on the future can halt us because we want to see results now not do work now. Uranus dulls its edges a bit in retrograde to make this transitions more smooth.  We can focus on the luminosity of this planet and all it sheds light on instead of feeling its harsh glare that pushes us into places of judgement more than action. Here we see all that is possible and beautiful in the every day that bring us into the bigger picture.

All in all, August is a time to claim our rights to make our lives exactly what we want. If you feel old habits, patterns, and routines falling away then embrace it. Meditate on what you want to fill that space with.  Know that if you can conceive it, then you can be it. You are it. Embrace all the juicy learning and prosperity of this month and don’t be afraid to bask in whatever  confident Leo light you can find. They are the King of the Zodiac for a reason!



Dear Leo, happy birthday! This month sees you working strongly with the integrity and fairness that a good leader shows. This is a time where intuition and logic are trying to fight fair – while you may know in your heart of hearts what the complete outcome of your actions and desires are, there also comes with this the understanding that one needs to be invested in what they do without being attached. Work your smartest spiritually and mentally and don’t get caught up in any ideas of righteousness or thinking you know “best”. There are many factors in our success that are ever changing, this is a time to discern what in yourself makes you feel stable and to be accountable for the outcome of your actions. 


This is a time of rapid action, change, and opportunity. While we’re in one of the most abundant and fertile months, it can sometimes still feel slow and like what we want isn’t coming fast enough. Don’t force anything, and stay present. While you can prepare yourself for the future making definite plans can either be disappointing or cut you off from greater opportunities. You have waited for so long and worked so hard, let the rest of that energy carry you. It is better to do things right than to do things quickly. Things will come your way soon enough, and in better form that you imagined. Don’t get too caught up or upset at the could-be’s – keep your options open with everything, especially those that are not yet set in stone (or contracts).



This is a time of undoing. Of replanting. Of moving forwards by back tracking our steps. It’s okay if you’ve made mistakes, didn’t nurture something properly, or misplaced your energy. You’re ready to face the ego and know that wherever you choose to put your energy now will only serve you better now after having been somewhere else. You know what it is to survive, but now you’re ready to set yourself up to thrive. While it may not all happen immediately, as it takes time to acclimatize to new spaces, routines, and energies, just know that any small action eventually has a large reaction. Take your time this month in choosing where to put your resources and don’t be afraid to pull out of things that don’t serve you for the fear of uprooting yourself. Even the most solid ground has to shake itself up sometime in order to bring new life – the same goes for you Virgo. 


You so badly want to have it all – you want comfort, stability, adventure, love, inspiration.  It is rare that we experience everything we want and that makes us feel alive all at once. You may not be able to get everything you think you need right now, you may not know how to make the blueprints from your ideas. But you do know that what it is you’re aiming for is bigger than just you. You are a giving, family oriented person – but that doesn’t mean you always need to be the person who holds everything together for everyone. Try taking a step back from trying to contain everything in your life and let things fall as they may. You might find that the things you lose really aren’t as much of a loss as you believe. Your plans do not have to be finalized or perfect in order for you to work on them. 



What secrets are you keeping? What ways are you deceiving yourself or those around you? Libra, we all lie a little bit sometimes. There’s no huge harm in it – but when we start to truly believe these stories is when things get tricky. This is a time of brutal honesty with yourself so that you can regain that balance you’re infamous for. Whether its your own thoughts and actions, or the ones of those in your life, you will see soon that not everything has been as it seems. The strength of August and Leo season will help to fortify you as you untangle and digest your own beliefs, wants, and attitudes. 


Although you know something isn’t totally right, it is sometimes easier to continue to stay blind and stuck than to make a decision – especially when there is no “right” choice. In order to move forward you must choose, and grieve what you let go of. Whether you are not happy at work, in a relationship, with your attitude – all of these things are in your power whether or not it feels that way. You are always aiming for perfect, which can sometimes leave you in limbo where nothing moves forward. Where nothing improves. Although you’re coming into the light about things in your life, you’re still willing to deceive yourself. Try to sit with that and ask yourself how it is helping? Is prolonging a decision really making you stronger or more prepared? Or is it turning a mouse into a dragon – making something that was once comprehensible something that is nearly impossible to overcome? Whatever it is, Libra, know that it is all in how you choose to look at things. If you are pained by your thought process then it is your responsibility to assess and change what those thoughts are. 



You are on a spiritually guided path, knowing what your true place to be is. While you have everything you need to get there, this isn’t necessarily an easy ride. It takes the reining in of opposing forces to work together, to know when it is time for what. Aggressive passion that is displayed through calm action. Whatever it is that you’re on a path to, know that it is supported in the stars and that this is the time that you learn to properly steer the ship that you have. You may find in yourself that there are disagreements about when to act on what feelings, but if you understand that most things take a little bit of everything then you can let go of the need to be completely intuitive, logical, emotional, action oriented. There are places and times for a different mix of all of these – listen to what you need everyday but also don’t shy away from new ways of approaching your life and goals. 


Your deep emotions and connection to everything around you – especially those things that you come into contact with – can make it difficult to come to peace with what is. Although your life on the outside is stable and flourishing, inside it feels like there is a resignation. Often when we are present in our lives we experience peace more than joy – joy tends to be a projection of what we anticipate for the future. Peace can feel passive, heavy, and lumbering. Do not let this inner grounding be mistaken for depression or lack of will. Sometimes acceptance of what is, is our greatest gift. Sometimes making hard choices can be stabilizing when we anticipate it to send an earthquake through our world. 



While all your curiosities can pull you in different directions, Sag, you’ve been able to focus on your goals and follow through. Not only that, but all that you’ve done is being seen and celebrated by those around you. Whether its big or small, to accomplish something that you are passionate about is a monumental feat – even more so when those in your life and community can recognize the significance of the work you’ve done. You’re feeling proud of all that you are and do, which is well deserved. There has been much confusion and doubt it feels, but ultimately removing distractions such as doubt has allowed you to put your head down and get what you need done. 


Even though you’ve done great work and have taken amazing strides, your expectations for yourself and your life can keep you from truly revelling in that joy. While others celebrate your successes, you are still focused on everything else that needs to be done. There isn’t anything fulfilling about these tasks because you are so focused on the ultimate place they will bring you. While it’s good to not get too ahead of yourself and lose sight of what there is still to be done, you are also allowed to find significance and celebration in even the smallest wins. Don’t short yourself of the good stuff you do every day – even if it’s just not letting your dishes pile up. 



You’re in a juggling act with your responsibilities – while it is hard to sometimes work with so little, it can also make it easier to focus on what we really need. The bottom line. While things may feel precarious and like anything could unbalance you, you still come at your life with joy. Remember to take care of yourself just as much as you do your ideas, relationships, and work. Life will always have ebbs and flows, both are equally important and equally challenging.  You have everything you need to not only handle your current situation, but to handle it gracefully. This doesn’t always mean money, it can be the currency of love, of care, of ideas. Assess everything you have in your life that brings you joy, peace, and stability – including yourself. Are you giving equally to these things? Is your passion for work overriding your care for your partner? Is your ability to work hard keeping you from seeing the reality of how much work you actually have right now? Stay playful, but stay vigilant. 


Sometimes it feels a little too easy – how everything can be taken and given to us in a moment. No matter what we think we know or have been guaranteed can change at any time. While this card can mean a lack of awareness about the futility of planning and expecting, it can also represent an anxiety. You do not have to be prepared for everything. You do not have to carry the responsibility of the entire world on your shoulders. Yes, anything is possible. Yes, there are infinite things to learn and master. Yes, you are capable of it all. But focusing on the right here and right now will allow you to be grateful that you don’t have control over every little thing and help you understand that micromanaging is a burden not only to you, but to everything in your life that can flourish freely if given the chance. 



We all have our stuff, Aquarius. Even the most positive, intelligent, and creative of us. You’ve been working endlessly on projects that are dear to your heart; that have required much personal reflection, study, and growth. You’re finally at a place where you are liberated and freed from ideas and institutions that have kept you trapped – even willfully trapped, as sometimes that is easier than facing the challenges ahead of us. You’re moving forward with routines, attitudes, and beliefs that support you. We all have vices, and always will, but instead of being chained or hindered to them you understand that these are the biggest lessons and gifts that life can offer us. 


Apathy is a bitch! While we often talk about how season, weather, and doubts affect us, rarely do we talk about the toll that success takes as well. Although you are freed from things that have burdened you, this can also mean you’ve uprooted structures that have held you for a long time. While you are a naturally inquisitive and out-of-the-box thinker this can also lead you into dark places – even in the sunniest of times. This isn’t the last or best of what you will do, it isn’t the height of your endeavours, you haven’t peaked. I don’t say that to bring you down, but to let you know that there is still so much out there for you to explore, learn, and change. You don’t have to know exactly what you want or what makes you happy or to even feel that way, but it’s important to recognize the success you do have no matter its size.



Dreamy Pisces, all of these manifestations of yours have come up against some challenging truths. Although you’ve always believed in your mission and what is possible, it doesn’t mean you’ve always felt the support backing you. Now is a time of renewed joy. Be childlike! Dance in the grocery store, tell your community your good news, rejoice in the lessons you’ve learned and the person you’ve grown into because of it. You give a lot to those around you and it doesn’t go unseen. Let yourself feel the gifts of your giving and fill your own cup.


Although you see all the good that you have and are able to celebrate, there is still a part of you that is grieving and processing all thats been lost to get here. You’ve invested a lot emotionally – and who could expect less from a Pisces? But everything you’ve given is no longer yours, and therefor you are safe to move on from it. Yes, it is sometimes sad to think about all that we have sacrificed. But you still have so much to give, so much to hold, so much to receive. Feel what you need to, but also try to move on accordingly and focus on what needs your attention and love right now – and even more, what is giving you love and attention right now. 



As the beginning of the zodiac, you’re no stranger to new beginnings. This is a time to assess what it is that you want for your future and lay the groundwork for it. If there are things that have been overwhelming you or that haven’t gone as planned, take that fiery + stubborn energy we all know you for and truck through it. When things don’t work out the way you planned, look to see how the detours have landed you in a place where you can grow more than you had originally though. The challenges that arise from having to stray away from your careful structures allow you to receive more. It’s always good to have an ideal – and even better when the actions we take towards that lead us into places of more abundance. 


You are a diligent worker, no-one would ever doubt that. You are also fiercely playful, and right now that call to adventure can make it hard to put your head down and do the work that is necessary. When things don’t turn out as planned, no only do we have to shift our focus, but we also have to put in work to shift our energy and attitudes with it. Although there is a plethora of opportunity to explore and play, there is also opportunity to be exploratory and playful in your work as well. Try to see all that you have learned and can do as more grounds in which to be creative. No one said that putting your head down to make your vision happen has to be daunting. Find something that makes you feel deeply excited and hold onto that as you do what is necessary. 



While this is an abundant and fertile time, that doesn’t always mean that we need to take on everything that is coming our way. Often times, opportunity knocks to help us realize that good things aren’t always good for us. If you’ve been planning big changes or have endeavours of the heart in mind, use this time to learn. What you need, what you have, how you can help yourself, what is at the core of your true desires. Don’t go running to every open door that promises greener grass – that grass could be fake and you are not one to take shortcuts in life. Manage your finances accordingly, get your facts straight, and keep clear about what these offerings will give to you but most importantly what they will ask of you. Although you have all the dedication and perseverance you need, you don’t yet have all the resources. 


You’re the kind of person who puts everything you have into everything you do. You keep your friends and loved ones close, and things that don’t suit you far. Comfort is important to you, including the comfort of knowing that what you want is attainable. Although you’ll be learning things that may dampen your idea of how attainable or easy something is, you will also be able to see what you are so fortunate to have. You’ve cultivate yourself and your life very carefully. Don’t let the challenges that lay ahead sever your emotional attachment to what you love most. Whether its a relationship, job, hobby, or anything in between, your happiness and wellness doesn’t have to be contingent upon things working out the way you want them to. The best things in life don’t come easy, especially emotional growth and intelligence. If you’re feeling upset, frustrated, tired, or defeated then know that this is the perfect time to charge up your batteries. No one expects more of you, than you. 



Gemini, you are naturally very giving – especially in creative realms. You want to inspire! You want to be heard! You want to be desired. And all of that is okay, as long as it’s coming from a genuine place. The 6 of pentacles speaks to the power of giving AND receiving. Where do you stand in this relationship? What is your attitude towards it? It is okay to be selfish in the name of self-care, but not necessarily in the name of self-gain – at least when others are involved. Be careful about situations you find yourself in at this time, you may be taken advantage of or be giving more than you can. Sometimes, it can be a good investment. But right now there is so much abundance in the world that if you feel you are lacking or have left overs then this is a good time to invest in yourself.  There is nothing selfish about self-preservation, especially in the name of art. 


When we feel taken advantage of, drained, uninspired, or directionless it can be hard to hunker down and get things done. When we create our own structures and are trying to put our all into what we love, sometimes we come to a place where we don’t actually have our all to give.  It is inevitable that we must keep pushing forward, and that we must be the ones to take the lead on our own projects. If you don’t know where it is you are going, then don’t work so hard at moving forward. Instead, put work into becoming the whole version of yourself that you are.  Sometimes the way isn’t forward, or up. It is down, it is rooting. 



Cancer, once you find what you love you’re one of the hardest working people around. This month you’ve found a grove – projects you’re passionate about, comfort in the abundance coming to you, opportunities that excite you. You’re more than willing to do the work, especially when you know the reward that is coming to you. Yes, the money side of things, but also the connection. The community. The fulfillment.  There is nothing wrong with knowing that what you do has benefits because you know the real reason you’re doing the work is to make a difference. Sink into this month and you’ll get ahead quickly. 


Although you know what you’re capable of, and that what you’re working towards is something you love, that doesn’t mean you can’t set boundaries. You’ve come so far and are seeing the rewards of your hard work, but ultimately what you’re aiming for is a place where you can relax and sink into your life. You’re almost there, but there is a tendency to take on too much. Not to prove to anyone what you can do, but because you’ve worked so hard for so long. The “finish line” is close, but know that you are the one who dictates where that is – and also if it’s okay to rest on the way. You’re not going to lose anything you’ve already attained, and you don’t have to hold onto or utilize everything you’ve gained on this journey either. Purge yourself if you need to, all others see is your success and strength.