You may have seen akashic as a buzz word in meditations, spiritual practices, or perhaps even music. It’s often referred to as another realm with talk of angels, spirits, vibrations, healing, and guides.

While none of this is exactly wrong, if we don’t already have an innate understanding or idea about these topics the true gift of the Akashic Records can easily get lost. The woo-woo atmosphere around the Akashic Records is well deserved, but let’s do it a little more justice…

So, you want to know what the Akashic Records are?

Simply put, they are a Record of our existence.

This record isn’t like our birth certificate or school transcripts – it goes beyond this life time.

In fact, the Akashic Records go beyond linear time as we know it. They go into our ancestors on earth, and our ancestors in the universe as well – maybe you’ve heard of things such as Andromedas and Pleiadian. There are theories in realms of spirituality that believe we also have cosmic histories that we are attached to. All of this, including select trajectories of the future are available to “read” in the Akashic Records.

It is a full history that we have available to us at all times, in a realm or vibration slightly outside of our own waiting to share its secrets and truths with us.

Let’s contemplate about time for a moment. When you are talking to someone you love or doing an activity you enjoy does time not seem to slip away from you? When you feel centred or are vibing with something, do you not feel a physical connection with that presence, place, or person? It’s almost as if we are becoming one with that which we are experiencing.

How can something like the Akashic Records be real?

Let’s look at science for a second. All of us and all of the things around us are atoms vibrating together. Scientifically, although we are dense there is actually more space to us that matter. What keeps us “together” is vibrations. Energy pulling itself together. This is everything around us.

Do you know what else is vibrations? Sound. Energy. Light. Heat. All things that are matter and all things that are not matter – if it can be measured in some capacity it has a vibration.

Let’s contemplate about time for a moment. When you are talking to someone you love or doing an activity you enjoy does time not seem to slip away from you? When you feel centred or are vibing with something, do you not feel a physical connection with that presence, place, or person? It’s almost as if we are becoming one with that which we are experiencing.

So what you’re saying is the Akashic Records is accessing all your vibes?

More or less, yes. This is exactly what I’m saying. Even more than that, it’s accessing the pattern of it. How a song will have a beat, and a certain note will make us feel a certain way – or perhaps even have a moment of synesthesia where we see or feel a colour, our neural pathways linking up. The Akashic Record lets us access our pattern. We can see what is constant, what has and will evolve, and what the core of our energy is asking us to do or be.

When I talk about being able to access the “future” this is similar to how we interpret the future in Tarot. Nothing is set in stone, but we do have trajectories for our energy. Some of our intentions have trajectories that are far beyond where we can truly perceive them going. Nothing is absolute, not even what we see in the Akashic Records. But it does let us peer into that realm. Almost like an echo of our energy being reverberated through time and space.

The past are a little more stable, like they have already imprinted upon us and our worlds. These pieces we can see with more clarity and I would say are generally more tangible in how they appear and why they appear.

What are the Akashic Records like?

If you’ve ever done a guided visual meditation, it’s quite similar. There are vivid images within your mind that tell secrets of your own psyche based upon what you see. Except here, there is no external voice guiding your visions. You may see specific landscapes, you may experiences shapes, patterns, colours, and sensations.

My experience when someone else read my record, that what I was seeing in my own mind was more abstract. I was seeing and feeling shapes, movements, and patterns. It was still deeply emotional, but the person reading my record was relaying messages they were getting about it to me.

But when I read my own record, it was a clear vision that took me through several different landscapes and energies. It was like I was in the drivers seat and able to direct my experience and get curious about what was appearing before me. I saw things in my mind I had never seen in real life, yet they were as vivid as if I had seen them yesterday.

You are able to access all of your senses – I felt a lemon seed in the base of my throat as if I had swallowed a pill. I could smell lemons, and even feel the waxy peel of it in my hands. This ended up having a strong connection to something I experienced about a week later – even after that Akashic Record reading session I pulled “The Seed” card from Kim Krans The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck.

It is said that the Akashic field is similar if not the same as what we access in Reiki. It is a healing place, often full of emotional release and discomfort if we have been ignoring truths or are being pushed to expand.

How do you access the Akashic Records?

Since the Akashic Record is a field of vibrations, we access it through vibrations. Which is to say, we use our voice.

There are different prayers and incantations that you can say to gain access to the Akashic Record, and in each one there is a key. The key is the name of the person you are reading for – each of us has its own unique vibrational sound.

You might be wondering “what if someone else has my name?” and that’s valid – but the chances of someone having your name, your energy, your tone of voice is extremely rare. The key is not just your name, but the way it is said. Who it is said by. The Akashic Record is not entirely independent – there is a reason you chose to read for yourself or chose the person who is reading for you. This is equally a part of your Akashic Record even when you are actively living it.

Although accessing them seems simple, the harder part is believing what you are seeing. There will be visions, voices, places, people and times that may have you questioning if any of what you are experiencing is real or if it is a well woven figment of your imagination. To believe there is truth in not only what you are seeing, but feeling, hearing, smelling and sensing is important. The Akashic Records commune with us in many ways, with reminders that may not seem important nor make sense to us in the moment but have a cosmic meaning waiting to unfold.

Who can access the Akashic Records?

While there are definitely people who are inherently more open and tuned into this realm, the Akashic Records are available to everyone.

This is not something where you need to have certain gifts or a pre-disposed lineage, although the likelihood of you being interested and having a cosmic history of relationship with this field are likely once you start diving into it.

Equally, they can be accessed at any time. You can read for yourself or others, but I firmly believe that permission should be granted by the individual before accessing their record as it is a deeply sensitive and intuitive space. Even if you are not with the person who you are reading for, chances are they will feel the effects of it’s opening.

In the records we learn what to pay attention to and where to ask questions. We don’t go into the Akashic Records with a predetermined story that we are going to experience. We mould it with our questions, our attention, and what we are experiencing. This is why trusting what you are seeing is important. It allows us to dive into the depths we need to explore and become vulnerable to things we ignore in our day-to-day or messages that will allow us to expand (and expansion is uncomfortable, rickety and as exhausting as it is liberating!) into more of our truth. Not the perceived truth, but our cosmic truth.

Why should I get an Akashic Record reading?

Well, it’s deeply personal so this will be different for everyone. Maybe you don’t have a logical, tangible reason. Perhaps it’s just a desire or knowing.

Maybe you know you are in a place of healing or needing to heal. Perhaps you can feel the world pushing you towards something new. Maybe you just need a reminder that there is more to this life than simply your body and mind – that there is something bigger.

There could be a dream you’re trying to decipher, or something you feel stuck in. Maybe you’re having a Wheel of Fortune moment, where all the little patterns in your life are starting to materialize and make sense. It could be about clarity, about seeking, about being. A spiritual pursuit, a cosmic calling.

And you could do it just because you think it’s cool. Because you want to try, because your curiosity is screaming at you to get out into the world of other worlds.

It could have no definitive motivation behind it. And that’s okay. There is truly no right reason to access the Akashic Records.

Where can I get this done?

I’m glad you asked! Generally, these readings are done in person. I’ve developed a way to access someones energy with safety and integrity from a distance so these sessions can also be done online as well.

If you know this is an in-person experience, do a google search and ask around your spiritual community to see if there is someone who does Akashic Record readings. Once you start seeking, the right person will equally find you.

If you want to book a session with me, you can contact me for further information.

What do I do with my Akashic Record experience?

Use it. Listen to it. Use your experience to allow your intuition to open. Take time afterwards to be with yourself, your energy, and your life. See the connections, write about what it is you think and feel from this experience without judgement.

If you know you have big choices or changes to make, sit with it. Grieve the changes. Find a way to wrap your mind around the fact that you are supported.

We can have our Akashic Record read for us in a way that is passive – a way where we just see, experience, and then move on. To gain the most out of an Akashic Record reading though, we must contemplate and act on real change. Even if it feels small or abstract in the face of what we believe to be important or what we feel we understand.

Most of all, know that there is time. Things may unravel slowly. There is nothing predetermined in our world or timeline, and we still always have the choice of where and how we want to show up. At the end of the day, the Akashic Records are an experience that can help guide you to alignment and authenticity within your path if you choose to listen to the wisdom. If you choose to sit in a space of surrender and know that understanding doesn’t always happen cognitively.

Have more questions about the Akashic Records? Want to let us know about your experience? Leave it in the comments below and we will get back to you!

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