Finally, a place to land with your questions and intentions. A place where your curiosity can get really big, and really playful. The Mystic Guidance Club is all about diving into the things that allow us to ask big questions with our big hearts + minds.

If you’re interested in tarot, astrology, the akashic records and your personal spiritual practice this is the membership for you.


If you’re the person with post notifications on for your favourite readers, seek advice from the language of the world around you, are curious about diving deeper into tarot, love watching the phases of the moon and noting it’s affects, want to learn about astrology through living with it… If you’re creative and curious about how to take what you’re interested into practice, if you can sense the patterns in the world and want to work with them, if you just know there is ~something else~ out there.

Essentially, if you are down with the collective patterns of the world and are looking to dive deeper into it, this is for you. If you want to support my work on a consistent but feasible basis, this is for you!

You don’t need any prerequisites to join, and there is no minimum to stay on board either!

Plus, you get a bonus look into how all these forces shape my work with e-book copies of my previously published books.


You can expect to go deep into the mines of tarot and astrology; to have your own practices and intuition enhanced; your relationship to your spirituality and mystic realms grown, and opportunities to deepen not just your knowledge but your mystic experience.


A mystic is a seeker. A person who is curious, looking for questions and things to guide us deeper. A mystic can be in conjunction to a witch, healer, or other kind of guide and can also exist of its own accord. Ultimately, embodying the mystic is the embodiment of our curiosity – for whatever reason it appears in us.

So maybe you have never heard of a mystic or are interested in what it could look like to try that hat on – that’s exactly what The Mystic Guidance Club is for. An enjoyable opportunity to get curious about your experience, how you engage with it and what you can do with it.


For only $4.99CAD a month you get:
– Monthly tarot readings for the elements, broken down into the signs
– Access to all past #MOONMOODS e-mails
– 15% off a reading of your choice every month
– monthly articles with themes of tarot, astrology, and other mystical wonders

bonus goodies that come with initial sign-up:

– Selective Memory of The Subconscious (e-book)
– a sample of my new book The Secret Third Space


Truly, I just want to geek out about the patterns of the world and the ways we get to read them. I wanted to offer these musings and studies in a mutually beneficial way to my community and have a place to compile this work that feels sacred.

Observing the patterns of tarot, astrology and even our karmic patterns within the akashic have truly transformed my life by letting my curiosity lead me to new ways of possibility, opportunity and expression. I’ve seen the lives of my clients equally opened up and know that it’s not a coincidence my personal patterns have brought me to this work.

My hope is that these offerings can guide you, gently, to your own discoveries. Be they patterns or languages or a newfound ease to how you can live in your life.


You can start and finish your membership whenever it feels good for you! All of the offerings are TM a la F.E.G. and aren’t to be shared without permission from yours truly, and the additional offerings have no cash value.

All in all, The Mystic Guidance Club is supposed to be a fun lil’ treat for yourself. Come dive into the cosmo’s and their many lessons through living in relationship with them. So let’s build that relationship together 🙂