Welcome to August! While here we often feel that rush of summer coming over us, in Traditional Chinese Medicine August is also when we start preparing for fall. You may feel the cool touch at the edge of a breeze appearing at this time of year reminding us another change is yet to come.

August is ruled by Leo season, which we’re engrained in for 2/3 of it’s days. Leo season is about letting ourselves luxuriate in the hard work we’ve put forward so our inner child can bask in the energy of giving AND receiving.

Taroscopes are meant to be read as and for inspiration! I always recommend tuning in to your rising and luminary sign! Luminary Sign tells you whether your ruled by the sun or moon, so if you know your birth time just look at if you were born in the dark or the light and it can give you some insight to what you might be the most impacted by. This is all interpretation so do what feels good for you – not what I, nor anyone else, tells you!

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