In so many spiritual circles and communities, Daily Practice is touted as G.O.D.

But truthfully most of us have a hard enough time eating consistent meals and doing the dishes, let alone making space and reserving energy for daily meditation, yoga, or whatever else we’ve been told will help us reach elevation status.

So I’ve thought about this a lot, because the only time I had a “daily practice” was when I was in the midst of my Yoga Teacher Training, where my life revolved around practice because I needed it to learn. And also I’m an over-achiever so I wanted it to be ~perfect~. But that wasn’t sustainable.

The thing is, as humans, we are different every day. Our basic essentials don’t shift too much (water, sleep, poop and eat) – but we’re told that daily practice is essential. Truthfully I won’t deny it’s importance, but what daily practice actually looks like doesn’t have to be an instagramable moment of perfection that you set aside hours for everyday.

I was thinking about what it is that we value about a daily practice, and the root of it is progress. When we do something everyday we move forward. Time is an essential element. But isn’t time happening all around us always? Yes, but we do not progress through time without presence. And isn’t there value in daily practice? Yes, when your daily practice adds to your nourishment and wellbeing instead of taking from it.

Let’s debunk what daily practice can look like, how we can access it and the essential elements to it.

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