Hello sweeties, hunnies and spicy angels!

It’s the season of hurtin n healin n feeling n screamin n dreamin n believin there is a reason for all of it. Scorpio season has depth to it – immense depth that puts us under pressure but equally alleviates us of all that we bear within it. It is not linear necessarily, but it is a straight shooter.

Are your dreams intensifying? Becoming more accurate? Is your heart aching under the burden of your own secrets? Uplifted by those you hold for others? Does self-seduction become a part of your rituals? Do you weep at the devastating beauty of being alive? Well then, welcome to Scorpio Season.

Your Taroscopes can be read as a part of self-reflection and a way to be honest and prepared with what is to come for the season. I always encourage people to read their sun and rising sign if it is known. I like to read my moon too. There are no rules – you make the rules. If it feels good, let it feel good.

If you want access to these Taroscopes you can join The Mystic Guidance Club! It is $4.99 CAD a month! Essentially you buy me a coffee to tell you many things which is very nice because I like coffee and I like sharing my wisdom.

Scorpio Season Taroscopes will be read with the Coleman-Smith deck (aka Rider-Waite but he doesn’t deserve the credit lol) and Swatches of Chakra deck – you can find both of them at Fiends. The October Taroscopes will use more decks and find more depth.

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