Hello cuties! I’m trying something a little different this round! I really like the written word (who knew) and find that I flow so much better within it! That being said – I also recognize that not everyone consumes the written word in the same way you would a podcast or video.

Videos and me are…. not super great pals. I’m just gonna be honest about it. Even though we love each other, there always seems to be some kind of disconnect. So, I’m going to try a podcast. That way you can still listen and learn on the go, you still get to hear my voice and have a different method. But then you can also have the written version. Because me and podcasts ARE friends. You can find the link to this episode at the bottom of this page!

I started a personal one when I began this journey that I kept a secret (a rare thing for me) and it was mostly me reading my poetry and explaining it, which I really love and value. These Taroscopes will be a part of that journey as well and I think it will be super special to have little mini clips to listen to. I definitely was inspired by Chani Nicholas for this one as she gives out mini astrology readings every week on her app which is so great! I wanted to tap into that offering as well. As much as I value video, I want to honour the disconnect between it and see where the universe is really trying to take me with all of this. So thanks for coming on this journey and I hope you enjoy!

Also as a general note, Rx = reverse or retrograde with a card; I don’t read this as a value within the card but as a direction of the energy within a card.

Decks read with are Coleman-Smith / Archetypes / Mercury, Salt, Sulphur / Swatches of Chakra

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As always, I love you! If you need anything or have any questions you know where you find me!