Hello and good morning Mystic Cuties! I felt inspired to do a little something today – pull a few cards and tap into the energy of the day. Originally I was just going to do this for myself but I thought “why not share?”. Also I downloaded the WordPress app for my phone which makes it infinitely easier to post a lil thang so we’ll see where this takes us in the future!

For now though, if you’re reading this, I implore you to take a moment to pause.

Take a deep breath.

And another….

Today’s cards are Queen of Wands Rx from The Hermetic Tarot, The Mask Rx from Archetypes and Intuition Rx from Swatches of Chakra.

With the mercury conjunct Mars energy of the day, the notions of communication that is effective without being harsh or unfeeling is the astro theme we’re working with. But the cards are imploring you to look further than communication with other.

The Queen of Wands denotes that we get to choose what we believe in – which also means we get to choose what we believe about ourselves, the people around us, how we insinuate what is happening in our relationships and social circles. Today is a day where people are playing dress up inside of themselves – including you.

Even looking at the imagery of these cards, moving from black and white into a full spectrum into a distilled singular colour, it feels as though the certainty of what things mean has to shift. What ideas, feelings, notions and patterns are you masked behind? Masks aren’t bad – they often give us the ability to try embodying something that might otherwise feel scary or unattainable to us. But we learn to hone the masks we wear by following our intuition.

It’s not always as simple as wanting to change your perspective, and I feel that the introspective nature of these inward facing cards are asking you to inquire if the masks you are wearing serve you to be in the world or serve you to hide from yourself.

Because maybe you actually are capable – of rest, of saying no, of doing the things, being brave. Maybe this mask is a scape goat from dealing with the big feelings of your expression – or knowing you can feel big things without always needing to externalize them.

There is power in your inner experience here. Today is an opportunity to shift how you see yourself and interact with what you’re capable of. Even if it’s one small thing. Even if that thing feels monumental.

It being Wednesdays which is Mercury’s day, purple is also a perfect colour to show up for communication with the unseen and the knowing vs the knowledge. Interrogate your inner narrative. Know you are strong enough to withstand the flames of your perception.

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Xo, Fo