Hello, and welcome to December!

It’s hard to believe that this year has only been a year. It feels as though it has gone by faster than I could muster the energy to notice and also like 5 years were held within its moments. Perhaps that is what we get for a 5 year, though. Changing patterns is no joke and here we are in the last stanza of the energy of this year.

While I don’t necessarily celebrate one point for a new year (Samhain and Aries season are also markers for me) there are many layers in the world we live in. What I find is that our numerology changes significantly and this is a huge component of what makes the pattern for our year ahead. This year was all about breaking the pattern we’ve existed within, particularly within the realms of living by our truth actionably. As we look ahead, a 6 year awaits us where we can tune into the flow that exists in rehabilitation of ourselves, our projects, and our patterns. If 5 is digging out the new paths, 6 is the irrigation system that floods them with nourishment to grow.

So, before we fully dive into the individual taroscopes here, I want to ask you what are the last tweaks you need to make? What are the final things you are ready to leave behind? It has probably been itching at you for a while, and maybe you’re ignoring it because it is terrifying or there is deep unrest about how to move through it. This week, right now, is a perfect time to dream. As another eclipse approaches with relationships to planets that allow our insides to hold power, I ask you to imagine everything being okay.

Imagine releasing as safe.

Imagine change as supported.

Imagine the weight released and put into flow instead of force.

I will be using The Hermetic Tarot deck, Archetypes by Kim Krans, Colours of Chakra deck, and Mercury, Salt, Sulphur.

December 2021 Taroscopes

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Finishing Notes:

As we come into December (12) we are in a 3 month (1+2) and if you look through these spreads you’ll notice a distinct pattern and relationship involving threes. It, at the core, represents mind body and spirit. So I pose the question to all of you – which do you let lead? Which strays behind? Where are you needed?