I’ve decided to start sharing some of my creative writing in a more casual format. Instead of doing this in the context of refinement and perfectionism, I want to share some of my process, rough drafts and beginning structures. I think after publishing books, I feel as though everything has to be of a certain quality to share and I don’t fundamentally believe that to be true. I’ve been yearning to share the little tidbits that make up a bigger picture.

This is a concept I’ve been working on for a while that I have another novel beginning written about but I wanted to come back to it and build it up with a fresh start and see where it takes me.

I hope you are intrigued, inspired, and find some notions of curiosity stir within you. Doors, Keys & Dimensions explores the idea of what a dimension is, what it can be, as well as the supernatural and our relationship with this concept.

Doors, Keys & Dimensions


When we think of other dimensions, often the thought is faraway in other worlds. We think of portals and wormholes through time and the ability to tear through different landscapes of reality; finding keys and doors and things that exist parallel to us but altogether different from us nonetheless.

It brings me to wonder what if dimensions are not separated, but indeed stacked upon another. What if the shadows did move a little bit, and there was another us sleeping in our bed. What if when a room doesn’t feel right it is an acknowledgement of change that has overlapped our own in a way that causes the energy to become stagnant in stuck pockets between our dimensions – and what if the keys fit in the same locks in the same doors to the same homes…


Ghosts do exist. And if you have doubted it, then you are protecting yourself. Justly, too, I will say. What we believe gives way to what we encounter – or at the very least are willing to register. And not only do ghosts exist, but they do live here in our homes… amongst us. Some, who are very wise and very knowing may see them as shadows or hear their words spoken as thoughts. But most of us linger outside the veil of contact with them.

Ghosts live in another dimension. Not faraway from us where plants are different and extinct species roam freely and without squabble. They live right here, in a dimension on top of ours. They live for very long times and know many of our stories. And for the most part ghosts are harmless. They are unacknowledged or far removed or deeply engrained in their own long lives. 

The ghosts know they are ghosts. Just as we know we are human. They see us and live amongst us but not how you would perhaps imagine.

They act as if we are not really there. Like perhaps humans are a manic disillusionment all of them have chosen to believe in – while still of course, experiencing it and thusly making it really quite believable.

I know this because their keys fit in our doors and there are so few keys to such precise doors but I happened to be behind one. You see, as much as humans mostly pretend that the dead are of no consequence, so do ghosts feel of the living. They do not care if a space is dilapidated or has humans living amongst them- instead choosing spaces they have long lived in or meet their curated and specific requirements enough for the being. Ghosts live long lives. They need much to keep them present.

Presence is what keeps ghosts alive. Not food or bodies or responsibilities. So how they stay present – which is to say interested and engaged in their current state of being, is through other things like knowledge and mysteries and curiosities and love.

The space they live in is of utmost importance. It’s why often old places and beautiful places and far off places are said to be haunted. But more on that later because don’t ghosts live in a different dimension?

To have enough space to think, to move and be interested and intrigued. But also to have the potential of interaction.

While we live in different dimensions as ghosts do, they are overlapping. And certain keys unlock particular doors, one of those doors being a cosmic connection between a ghost and a human, and the key being finding each other within the world. Sometimes it is by accident. Some ghosts, contrary to their popular attitude, are deeply fascinated with humans. To extents that surpass our own obsessions with what we call “paranormal”. They have time to be invested long term, and of course the necessity of presence.

Through this I came to be a door with a key put in it, and how I learned the truth about ghosts.

To be continued.