photo by Justine Barnhart

Hello sweeties n hunnies! It’s Capricorn season, and I feel like this is such an important and impactful time to look at what it is that we need to feel stable and secure. There are so many facets of security; emotional, spiritual, financial, physical… There are different places we can spend some time overhauling, reinforcing. Just as such, there are equally many places we can lean into during these workings as well.

I don’t want to generalize a season or the work, but I think knowing that for where I live in the world, winter comes with Capricorn. This natural need to slow down and reprioritize our energies aligns with this time of structuring as well.

Capricorn is sister sign to Cancer, so if you have Cancer placements also looking for where this season can add some tension to places of Cancer too.

I will be reading with Archetypes, The Hermetic Tarot, Swatches of Chakra and Coleman-Smith. You can tune into the podcast episode where I talk about the raw version of the cards and reading before I melt it into a Taroscope.

*PLEASE NOTE: this will be updated with full written break-downs! My computer crashed after updating this so I want to launch what IS available instead of waiting for the will to write it all again emerges again*

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