My name is Forest Eden Greenwell; author and artist.

Inspirations & Influences

Passion + Specializations include / poetry, prose, creative writings in fiction and non-fiction.

Talents include / thrifting, cooking, photography, digital graphics, reading tarot, and singing.

Hobbies include / board games, yoga, reading, plants + plant care, painting, beading, interior design, fridge magnet poetry, browsing used book stores, loitering in coffee shops, spending too much time on pinterest, organizing my house after said pinterest binges, hiking, meditating, brunch

Interests include / Wicca, crystals, the moon, tarot, well-rounded aesthetic (i.e. things that take into account the melding of all sense and experiences around this), the ocean, paranormal, psychology, sexuality, pottery, obscure words (like slubberdegullion), coffee culture, human behaviour, asking questions, synesthesia, wellness, hygge


I currently am focusing most of my work on Tarot Reading and building my personal branding around that – this will include e-books, courses, spreads, and small but well thought-out selection of goods for sale.

I am always writing and plan on continuing to put out books of poetry, self inquiry, as well as novels.

Reach out if you want to know more about anything I do or if you want to work together – I am not limited to my current projects and always love new collaborations.


My inspirations and influences all combine together to create deep knowledge and curiosity about niche market spaces. I love branding – from writing copy and picking colour schemes to working with you to make your perfect logo. I’m highly influenced by psychology in my work as well and making it have meaning beyond the visual world.

I’ve been featured for photography and writing in a range of prints including, but not limited to:

  • eve the zine – photography
  • feels – creative non-fiction
  • Jones Soda – photography – label

I also founded a non-profit called herHABITAT and have written 2 books

I am working on my third book (a psychological thriller) and looking for a publisher (!!).

I run a thrifting page on instagram called Fo’s Fresh Finds (in which articles about can be found here) that focuses on teaching people how to thrift, and how to curate their homes through thrifting and using items in unique ways, upcycling, and finding a cohesive style across your life from wardrobe to table top. There are also select goods sold on the page.

I love creating and I value excellency. Whether it be to the craft of Tarot and pursuing constant higher knowledge or spending hours finding the perfect font – you can guarantee that I will put everything I have into every project. I am excellent at what I do, and I love collaborating. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Want to work with me? Reach out here! Each project will be assessed on an individual basis.

Want to stay in touch? Follow me on instagram @edgarallanfoe