My name is Forest Eden Greenwell. Yes it is real. Indeed my parents were “hippies”.

I am a creative. I refer to myself mostly as a poet although I also write much more than poetry; dabble in graphics and web design, have studied photography, and frequent in watercolours / multimedia / embroidery / digital art / cooking / music / whatever else is considered art. There isn’t a day that I don’t create.

My works generally consist of a mish-mash of these things; paired with the skills I’ve learned running my own business, working in cafes, running and planning events, life in general. Learning things the way we all learn things – slowly, surely, over time.

I’ve studied yoga, and practice wicca. These practices and rituals feed into my life often. From offering Tarot Tuesday readings at the cafe I work at to being inspired by the colours and workings of the chakra system when I choose what colours to eat. Often my projects and work are rooted in synesthesia and the way all of our senses pair together.

You can currently find me working as a barista and nanny – two jobs that fuel and challenge my creativity as well as fund my essentials in life. I’m always open to adding more creative fuel to the fire.

Some examples of work I do:

  • tattoo design
  • graphic design
  • event planning
  • commissioned poetry
  • commissioned digital art pieces
  • song writing
  • branding
  • tarot reading
  • menu planning
  • plating
  • murals/large scale paintings
  • installations (window displays, etc.)
  • hosting (I’ll rock the mic at your event)
  • logo design

I’m always excited by a challenge and a new spin on things. Have a collaboration idea you’re not sure about or don’t see on here? Shoot me a message. Don’t know your budget? That’s fine, I don’t either! We’ll figure it out together.

Everything on the list above is something I have experience in and am comfortable bringing to the table. All projects will be assessed individually.

To see more of the work I’ve done peruse the website. Not finding what you’re looking for? I may have it hidden! Contact me.