I’m Forest; a creator, innovator, and entrepreneur. I am particularly passionate about writing, but my endeavours are not limited to that of painting, drawing, music, design, cooking, and event planning. So far.

I like to make things that work towards the world I want to live in. I write things I want to read, create communities I want to be a part of, and platforms that I wish I had had sooner. The art I make is a fishnet between the way the world is, and the way I see the world. With bits of my favourite influences seeping in wherever possible/


I believe in good coffee, the energy of all things, the power of words and the moon, and the healing of food and listening. It is best – in my experience – to get drunk off of red wine or whiskey, and left overs are better when being eaten in a hot bath. Life is simple –  people make good things. We can all make good things. The world is not a competition of what is better, or who has done more. It is about what you make from the silence and the white page. It is about what it means to you.

In my art, you will find the things that mean something to me. Hopefully you will be able to find something that is meaningful to you, too.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries, concerns, questions, pricing, commissions, dreams, and wishes.

Founder of herHABITAT Collective NFP NGO