Spell vs Ritual

All in all, life is what you make of it. Spells and rituals don’t need to be in a realm outside of our personal practices and understanding. Although we may be burying less chicken bones and spreading fewer ashes, we still hold immense power in the present moment to use our magic in benevolent ways to grow our lives and tune into who we need to be to hold space for these energies.

WTF Are the Akashic Records?!

Simply put, they are a Record of our existence.

This record isn’t like our birth certificate or school transcripts – it goes beyond this life time.

In fact, the Akashic Records go beyond linear time as we know it. They go into our ancestors on earth, and our ancestors in the universe as well… There are theories in realms of spirituality that believe we also have cosmic histories that we are attached to. All of this, including select trajectories of the future are available to “read” in the Akashic Records.

#MOONMOODS – July 28-August 3rd

The Moon is in Aries, and if we’re talking about the self we’re talking about being human, too. And sometimes my humanness makes me feel unnecessarily guilty. As we step into the beckoning days of Leo season (also welcome Leo!) we can shine some light on what about ourselves, our patterning, and conditioning makes us feel distanced from our benevolent natures.

5 Ways to Build Intuition

I think our intuition guides us to the places of profound growth. Sometimes, this growth is knowing that when we follow and trust our instincts we can be rewarded. But it is also acknowledging that even in moments of uncomfortable growth there is a rhyme and reason for each process. We can’t see the entirety of our lives in every moment and for good reason. Many things we experience are essential to guiding us appropriately into the futures we are creating – but if looked at as in individual event perhaps we wouldn’t opt in.

#MOONMOODS – September 24 2020

We start off the height of autumn with a Sagittarius moon in Waxing Crescent. This is the moment we have for the rest of this cycle to set our intentions and get clear on what it is we want to be working on. Sagittarius can be a blessing and a curse here, knowing we have what we need to take aim but also wanting to stop and explore everywhere on the way.

August Taroscopes

Leo season brings us the much needed reprieve after the hardest astrology of the year. August is a potent, fertile month. Our lives are full of abundance, we’re seeing all the work we’ve been doing come to the table. We’re ready to move forward after wading through lessons we’ve already learned and closing cycles that have taught us a lot but now feel stale.

July Taroscopes

There is a strong current of gratitude in July. Every sign has it in some way – being grateful for what we’ve done, where we’ve come from, what we have. Just allowing ourselves to be humbled and aware of what we’ve built for ourselves. This is a time to slow down a little bit and give ourselves the love and dedication we’ve been giving to our passions and ideas. We are an irreplaceable part of everything we do, and while there has been a lot of behind the scenes work going on it is now time to recognize all the work thats also gone into the development of being who we need to be for these next stages. Take a deep breath.

#MOONMOODS – Week of July 1st 2019

Sometimes, knowing we can do something, doesn’t prove to ourselves that we will actually do that thing. Sometimes we have to loop around our blockages a bit until we’re totally sure there is no way around it. We’re comfortable in our work flow, and able to bask in the glow of personal pride knowing that you’re almost at the finish line of this transformatory time. 

#MOONMOODS – Week of June 24th 2019

I personally always find weeks that hold the beginning of the zodiac to be much more playful, positive, and up lifting. They are the creators of the zodiac with their childlike energy and joy and can help throughout the Neptune retrograde cycle (which ends in November) to come back to our passions and defy the bounds of “logic” that tell us our dreams aren’t possible (and they definitely ARE possible, so keep one firm foot in that reality and use the other to explore where you’re headed)

#MOONMOODS – Week of June 17th 2019

This isn’t about sinking into the negative – no, quite the opposite. It is about highlighting all that we have to work with and finding a way to keep our dreams something we float through instead of trudge through. Find the magic of your path at this time and let the darkness illuminate and inspire you.

#MOONMOODS – Week of June 10th 2019

All in all, it’s going to be an eventful week. You will be feeling social and the need to organize plans for most of the week with people you are intimate with. This isn’t a time for large social gatherings, but meaningful ones with people who are close to you. You’ll dig deep into yourself to find out what is blocking and inspiring you, and how you need to evolve to move forward into the plans you have for yourself.

June Taroscope

“What is powerful about Gemini is that they are always living from a place of “what is my truth in this moment?”. They may not be great at keeping plans, but they are great at being fully present in whatever it is they choose to do. “

My Top Three Spreads

Tarot is so interesting to me. It mixes numerology, symbology, serendipity, psychology, and energy. Basically a whole clusterfuck of things …

Womb – A Poem

“Do not mistake our places of creation for your labyrinths of ways to escape yourself”


A taroscope is my personal mash-up of astrology and tarot reading. I take into account the “major transits” (or at least the ones I am aware and knowledgeable about) going on at any given time for an overview, then pull 2 cards for each sign – the energy you’re bringing and the challenge you will face in this.

Under The Callous Preview

“Forests’ strong intuition, coupled with her poetic dialogue is both unique and charming… She relates easily to others just as others will relate to Forest in her most recent book of poetry and prose – under the callous. It is beautifully written, raw, and deeply real. It will absolutely leave you open-hearted and wanting for more.” – Olivia Chelsea