A love of thrifting and curation had my closet, counters, and brain over flowing.

I’ve been at this endeavour, collecting knowledge and experience for nearly 2 decades. A curated home and closet are things that are very important to me and are the most outward and gross representations of ourselves. Much how the state of our homes can indicate the states of our mind, I think that the textures, colours, and cuts of where we live are the first glance others get into who we really are.

Whether it be our favourite jeans on the streets or the worn-but-still-perfect blanket passed down from your grandparents, our external homes come from internal places. I believe in being able to curate the uniqueness we each carry with cohesiveness across the places and things we live amongst.


Fo’s Fresh Finds started as an instagram. Partially to sell fresh finds but mostly to educate. To show the evolution and up-cycles of my own home and wardrobe. To show how easy it can be to make what you’re looking for, how to be creative and innovative and keep up-to-date with yourself.

My philosophy begins with the idea that everything has a home. Whether its elastic bands, underwear, plants, gift wrapping supplies, or crystals. If everything has a place it makes ones home feel more organized (because it is) and also creates more time and space for the important things – like spending time with loved ones or dancing in your underwear.

I also believe in small rituals. I am that woman who colour organizes my closet, has a display case for all my jewellery, and meticulously colour schemed my entire bachelor apartment. These things make me happy and help me take my time in even the most mundane parts of my life – having reusable bags for grocery shopping that are pretty make it easier for me to remember. I think that thrifting and curating has actual been an act of becoming present with my life and my surroundings and being more aware of what I have and cultivating an appreciation for it. Very Marie Kondo, I know. But I think there is something eternally valuable in her lessons as well as the lessons we can teach ourselves.


I also realized that curating, aesthetic, and organization don’t come naturally to everyone. While I do try to share simple tips and tricks, I appreciate that it’s not how everyones brain works and can be overwhelming to take on.

I offer several services in this department outside of selling my finds.

thrift with me

This service is for the person who is willing to go thrifting and sort through, but wants some extra help curating for their needs and style. It includes an initial consultation about what you’re looking for and a minimum of 3 hours thrifting. Give me your budget, your colour scheme, and your must-haves and absolutely-nots to have a day of productive and successful thrifting.

Initial Consult / 25$ or free with booking (25$ will be taken off your invoice for thrifting)

  • getting to know you and what you seek help with
  • vision boarding – the colours, textures, and vibes you’re going for
  • budget discussions
  • pick a date!

Thrift Date / 20$ an hour, 3 hour minimum

  • location(s) based on consult
  • snacks (for hydration and blood sugar levels, provided based on your personal dietary needs)
  • the thrifting day of your dreams based off our initial consultation
  • badda boom, you’ve got a new wardrobe/home/whatever you’re lookin’ for!


As I mentioned before, I believe that everything should have a home.

This service provides me and my organizational skills and tools (like handy-dandy label maker and an assortment of boxes) Marie Kondo style to help you organize your house in a way that is efficient, functional, and beautiful for your eyes.

These services and consultations are provided in half- and full-days

Half Day / 4 hours / 120$
Full Day / 8 hours / 200$

Please note, this is not a cleaning service. I will work in any room in your house that needs attention but will not do any physical labour that is concerned with cleanliness. This is a service for organization and order only.

Please feel free to contact me here with any inquiries and for bookings!