There is more to planning events than making a menu and nailing down decoration details. It is, more than anything, about creating at atmosphere. Bringing every element into play and overlapping them to encompass guests in an experience. While I excel at design, lay-out, logistics, DIY’s, my true passion and talent lays in being able to stitch it all together – in the vibe.

All footage and editing done by Rowan Morrissy. Music by Jake Feeney.

This was a birthday party I planned and executed in early August; budget was low and timing was short but it turned out wonderfully.

I offer expediency, efficiency, and a tireless dedication to creativity and expression. Some services and skills available for event planning include but are not limited to; activity planning, fundraising efforts, menu planning, playlist curation, hand-lettering/signage, theme development, decorating, venue hunting, budgeting, atmosphere. I want your even tot be completely unique to you and your needs. Have a certain smell, drink, colour, feeling you’re centring your party around? I can accommodate development around any factor.

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