herHABITAT is an online community and blog that captures what it is like to be human. The multitudes we all contain; the hypocrisies we experience in creating ourselves. It is a space to explore and talk without the taboo of these topics that help us grow and learn, but are often sticky and unseemly it “regular” conversation.

herHABITAT works at breaking down the barriers between a comfort zone and a safety zone, between not knowing who you are and discovering who you are. It is about the in between that so often many of us find ourselves in.

This project was founded by, and is run by, Forest Greenwell. Many of the articles and all of the interview were facilitated and experienced through her. It is described as a passion project – something she desperately needed in discovering herself, and is now trying to make sure that everyone else who needs it has access to it as well.

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It has an open submission policy, meaning that anyone and everyone can submit any kind of work to the platform. Writing, photography, music, videography. There is no limit, as long as it is the work of the person submitting and is of the idea of self-exploration and learning.

It has been running for over a year and a half, with many projects and ideas still to come forth. Since it’s beginning, herHABITAT has over 20 interviews, a line of t-shirts including a limited edition collection that collaborates with local artists, more than 100 articles, and is across countless social media platforms. New features and content are rolled out often and it has slowly gained recognition across Toronto, and Canada.

herHABITAT can be viewed here and can also be found on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and soundcloud.