Projects and collaboratives / these are efforts that range from community based, to collaboratives, to branding. whether it was a passion child of mine, or helping someone else with theirs, these are all worth-while contributions to the art world, communities I love, and my personal portfolio.


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herHABITAT is an online based community and blog that captures what it is like to be human and events that let us explore these spaces of creation without having to give up other aspects of our life and self. The multitudes we all contain; the hypocrisies we experience in creating ourselves. It is a space
to explore and talk without the taboo of these
topics that help us grow and learn, but are of-
ten sticky and unseemly it “regular” conversation.
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Eve is a zine publication featuring the work of female artists and writers exhibiting these experiences of building, breaking and building again. Eve is where women face their demons, Eve is where women become vulnerable in the face of society, Eve is where women admit to failure, Eve is where women claim victory, Eve is where women break boundaries, but more importantly, Eve is
where women can build a home.
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HWH EVENT BANNERHWH is a Toronto-based group that meets bi-weekly to facilitate conversations that let us be human without the bias. We cover a wide range of topics, and welcome all people. Meetings are usually held in the homes of the facilitators and everyone is welcome to join. The group is growing and we always have new people coming to meetings; we find
that once you’ve come it’s a fast track
to being a regular. Forest is one of two
founders and facilitators, and using
her own experiences in therapy and
healing she helps with listening, kind-
ness, and cutting the bullshit.


There is more to planning events than making a menu and nailing down decoration details. It is, more than anything, about creating at atmosphere. Bringing every element into play and overlapping them to encompass guests in an experience. While I excel at design, lay-out, logistics, DIY’s, my true passion and talent lays in being able to stitch it all together – in the vibe.  

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Working on reclaiming the Mitzi’s brand with a traditional, but fresh twist. Modernizing and cleaning up their look without losing the integrity of the brand that’s been building for nearly 2 decades.
Utilizing this idea, I brought it forward to their instagram creating a kind of
“Mitzi” personality in the
captions to embody the exp-
erience of the cafe and it’s patrons.