It’s the middle of the night and you can’t sleep. No particular reason, maybe the moon is full or you drank coffee too late…

Instead of wasting away hours in bed you sneak into your office with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket – the cat sneaks in with you. A small volume catches your eye and you can’t help but pull it off the shelf. “The Secret Third Space”; you flip it open and are immediately pulled in.

You end up reading the whole book, thoroughly satisfied at 3AM. The next morning you can’t stop thinking about that one line, and you flip through again as you have your morning coffee instead of scrolling instagram.

The third book in the trilogy is an ode to presence, to living in the “between” of dichotomies and binaries and opposition. It is the bridge of tension between this and that. It is what keeps us yearning and in gratitude. This book takes you through works that outline the Major Arcana, tidbits of the minor arcana, portals and the symbols of life that appear through the book and their intricate meanings. It’s an expedition of the conditions and notions and symbols and myths that guide one forward through the unknown.

The third book in a poetry series that explores the trifecta of becoming and being.

Mind, Body, Spirit; Creation, Sustainment, Destruction.

“A collection of poetry, prose, dreams and understandings influenced by the everyday magic, mystery, and unknown I interact with as a tarot reader, poet, mystic, and witch. Much of what I do in work is an act of observation first, a story second, and beautiful third. My hope is that between these pages one may find their own secret third space, or perhaps the language of their world and the personal symbolism present.

Often these words have felt less like something that originate from within me; more that they move through me. May they move through you, too.”

truth is not a thing, place, nor feeling. it is a journey. it is all things we discover and equally ignore.

Justice; The Secret Third Space – Forest Eden Greenwell