a portfolio of writing – some old, some new, some published, and some just floating around in the world. there are finished projects, in-work pieces, and many things that are soon to be coming your way.


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herHABITAT is an online community and blog that captures what it is like to be human. The multitudes we all contain; the hypocrisies we experience in creating ourselves. It is a space to explore and talk without the taboo of these topics that help us grow and learn, but are often sticky and unseemly it “regular” conversation.                                                           Read more about the project and it’s work.


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A book of dark, whimsical poetry and prose. It brings you into the recess of a young woman’s mind, where the turmoil and light of experiences intermingle. With hints of romance, conversation, mystical, and a blatancy that is at times hard to over-look, this is a collection to be felt by any reader.




The archive is a collection of writing dating back to as early as 2012. There is some good, some terrible, and some now published pieces. See the evolution of writing, as well as those that didn’t “make it” in this throw back collection of writing.