I also realized that curating, aesthetic, and organization don’t come naturally to everyone. slipsdoodle-1While I do try to share simple tips and tricks, I appreciate that it’s not how everyones brain works and can be overwhelming to take on.

I offer several services in this department outside of selling my finds that include thrifting on a budget, shopping your own home, and organization.


Want to know where your energy is leading you? What your subconscious focus, worries, and hopes are? Where your trajectory is taking you? You’ve come to the right place


I’m a professional tarot reader who has been privately reading for 4+ years. I’ve studied the cards and various energetic arts extensively in personal and professional practice settings, with the focus of my readings being to empower and educate you in what the cards say for you as well as their symbolic standing. I bring astrological and moon knowledge to the table to enrich your experience and to give you a take-aways that you can continue to learn about and apply to your every day life. Every reading includes a written breakdown and recording sent to your inbox!


Writing is my passion. Since I could read, I have been figuring out better ways to tell the stories I was told and picking apart the pieces to put back together again in my mind. I have published 2 books and have offered Self-Publishing courses as well.utc - final - front I wrote for 4 years for herHABITAT accumulating hundreds of articles, written copy for various individuals and businesses; have poetry, stories, and articles published across the web. I’ve written and co-written songs, personalized poems, and even cards.

My skill set is vast and I’m happy to work with you to find your voice and emotions. Conveying thoughts, experiences, and emotions with precision and delicacy into words is my passion and greatest skill.

Want to inquire about something but don’t see it on this list? Send me an e-mail! I have a wide variety of skills and services available that aren’t limited to what you see here, including web-building, digital art, graphic design, photography and event planning.

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