I’ve been reading tarot for over 8 years, have a signature course and book that teaches you how to effectively read the cards with information that’s already in your life, and have developed methods of reading outside of your typical offerings. Ever wanted to know if you can use tarot to propel your business forward? I can do that. Need someone to read at a corporate event without being too woo-woo? It’s my speciality.

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You might be wondering – what is an akashic record? Perhaps you’ve heard of the akashic field, or seen music that awakens us to the field of the Akashic.

This explains everything you need to know about an Akashic Record Reading; but to lay it out simply for you, it is a record of your entire existence. Using an incantation and your name we open up to a state of being that is always around us where we are more easily able to access other realms of being. Here we can talk to guides, past selves, ask questions and gain clarity on our paths. It is an experience of deep healing that may be emotional and intense but will leave you feeling highly intuitive and aligned.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, in the need of guidance or have been holding onto something you’re ready to release this practice may be for you.

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For many, your vows whether it be for a wedding, union or business pact are some of the most important and influential words you will ever speak.

Language is my forte, as a published author with three books of poetry in the world and a novel in progress I know how to say what you’re feeling.

So take the stress out of saying the right thing at the right time; I’ll take everything that is important to you and give it a home in the form of vows that are unique to you and will be imbued with the magic of your desires and values.


Curation is one of my specialities, and finding your specific template is one of my favourite things to do. Tell me the feelings you want to evoke, the colours of your brand, and all the details that matter but you aren’t sure how to curate.

I specialize in business cards, stickers, tag lines and the little pieces of your puzzle that make a big impact. If you want your messages to evoke feeling, creativity and carry the essence of you then maybe you’ve found the right place.

My background in graphic design is focused around the elements, colour theory, and magic. The symbolism of your life and brand are important; let the world know everything you can offer them.