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Learn the Language of The World

It’s more than just knowing what the cards mean. Reading tarot asks us to learn the language of the world, it’s symbology, and how it shows up for us. I don’t believe in memorizing meanings; this is about invigorating the way you see your entire life so that perspective is powerful for you- and your clients.

I’ve been there. Looking at your spread thinking “why are my cards telling me I’m a f*cking bitch?!”. Or perhaps you were reading for someone with a story running through your head, wild and full – information that you’ve never tangibly read about the cards… Things that make you ask “why am I thinking that?” so you keep these profound pieces of knowledge to yourself unsure of what they mean…

I learned the hard way, with 6 years of nearly aimless attempts at memorizing meanings, trying to wrap my mind around the nuances and wondering why every source I went to had something different to say. How could I ever learn it all?

And then it clicked. Tarot is a language. Each deck has its own quirks, each interpretation backed by a different experience. Sure, we can memorize the cards. But it’s like only learning the words in a language without ever diving into how to string it all together into sentences; how it makes poetry, how it incants magic.

salt to purify + ground

My reading and mentorship focuses on education and empowerment through the cards. We will dive into all the folklore and propaganda that has put up a roadblock for your readings and remove the knowledge that hinders you from running with messages from the universe. I’ll share with you tools I’ve developed in my own practice and with other readers to allow you to find beliefs in your practice that feel authentic to you and your needs.

This mentorship is about building trust in your intuition, developing all parts of your life, and diving deep into a devotion for why you want to show up with the cards and what that looks like. These practices include things like energetically cleansing your cards + yourself, where to look for knowledge, and developing language.

Every mentorship program is uniquely designed for your needs and specialties. We look at what is already in your life that informs your knowledge base, where you can grow, how to weave it all together, and how to read the cards with confidence.

1-1 Mentorship Sessions

Discover helps you find out what makes you special as a reader and where to enhance your skills.

Dive takes us deep into what you know, your purpose and how to support your developement.

Divine is the inner workings of tarot where we work on breaking blockages and going deeper into clairvoyance and intuition.

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Each space is 90 minutes in time and can be done in person in our Halifax based studio or online using zoom. Online spaces will be recorded.

If you need to go deeper…

1-1 Mentorship Bundle

Devote is an integration of Discover, Dive, + Divine. Over the course of 3 sessions we will use these keys to unlock tools, knowing, and purpose.

Surrender allows you to completely sink into your gifts and purpose. This bundle includes an Akashic Record reading as the first session to help guide your gifts and open your intuition.

prices include tax

Each space differs in time from 90-120 minutes. A schedule will be created with you. Spaces can be held in person in our Halifax based studio or online using zoom. Online spaces will be recorded.

I joined Fiends Tarot 101 with a little bit of experience, not a lot, with tarot. I loved each lesson and learned a lot every time. I love the magic of the live class to interact with the group and Forest and also loved the recordings because there was so much to take notes on! Forest was very knowledgeable and was exceptional at making things easy to understand and showing/explaining the layers of tarot. I loved this course and could not recommend it enough!

— Ran Bee, TAROT 101 E-Course