#MOONMOODS Libra New Moon – Aries Full Moon

To get to the nitty gritty, New Moons are a time of planting seeds. We’ve fertilized the ground, gone through the winter of the waning moon and find ourselves in the sweet soil of Libra. Lets acknowledge that Libra is the “sign of the other” if you will, in opposition to Aries, the sign of the self. It’s about finding and bringing balance to what we give and receive. To where we give and receive. I like to think of this time as a garden, knowing that a garden can start with one singular seed. And maybe some bird shit, as unpleasant as it is, brings more variety over time. And maybe it takes many years to build up a garden into wild fruition. And maybe, eventually, our own plantings get scattered across the lands as well. My point here is, we need to plant what we need first. It is not selfish to see and honour what we have to honour, and this brings me around to my favourite understanding of karma.

#MOONMOODS Pisces Full Moon to the Libra New Moon

Tonight, as I write this, I sit under the full harvest moon in Pisces and reminisce on my first e-mails out into the world with #MOONMOODS. How when I first moved to Nova Scotia, this was the first full moon I experienced and I vowed under it to move forward powerfully in my life – how blind I was to all that way coming. It makes me wonder how you are feeling now? How you felt a two, three, five and ten years ago? It’s funny even yesterday feels far away now but I suppose that is the way with Pisces.

#MOONMOODS August 27 – September 5

I’m trying to figure out when and why I send these, in true Virgo fashion, and while I’ve never been a person who thrives with a completely set schedule I’ve realized that having set parameters does work for me! And the reality is the moon doesn’t move through a perfect week or schedule – so neither can I!

That being said, the key to Virgo’s consistency is optimism – something our horoscope writer Anastasia Lemon see’s as Virgo’s strong suit.

“Kelsey Rose Tortorice describes Virgo as the ultimate optimist, as in order to be inclined towards improvement, we need to be convinced of how things could be better, & care to enact the necessary changes.” – Anastasia Lemon, Virgo Season Horoscopes

#MOONMOODS – August 13th-19th

Happy Friday!

Did you know that historically, before we burned all the fuckin’ witches, Friday the 13th was a sacred day of ritual, energy, healing and creativity?

Sick and cool! Way better than an entire day of bad luck (which was mostly just the patriarchy….) Of course, when we look for things we’re sure to find it one way or another.

#MOONMOODS – August 4th – 12th

Do you feel it? The fire in your belly? The singe on your tongue?

While Leo season boasts itself as fun and games, there are many responsibilities that must be met if we want to stay up to par with what’s required of us for the course. Isn’t that saying work hard, play hard? Well maybe it’s a bit more work with what you’ve got, and enjoy what you have this time round.

#MOONMOODS – July 28-August 3rd

The Moon is in Aries, and if we’re talking about the self we’re talking about being human, too. And sometimes my humanness makes me feel unnecessarily guilty. As we step into the beckoning days of Leo season (also welcome Leo!) we can shine some light on what about ourselves, our patterning, and conditioning makes us feel distanced from our benevolent natures.

#MOONMOODS – September 24 2020

We start off the height of autumn with a Sagittarius moon in Waxing Crescent. This is the moment we have for the rest of this cycle to set our intentions and get clear on what it is we want to be working on. Sagittarius can be a blessing and a curse here, knowing we have what we need to take aim but also wanting to stop and explore everywhere on the way.

#MOONMOODS – Week of July 1st 2019

Sometimes, knowing we can do something, doesn’t prove to ourselves that we will actually do that thing. Sometimes we have to loop around our blockages a bit until we’re totally sure there is no way around it. We’re comfortable in our work flow, and able to bask in the glow of personal pride knowing that you’re almost at the finish line of this transformatory time. 

#MOONMOODS – Week of June 24th 2019

I personally always find weeks that hold the beginning of the zodiac to be much more playful, positive, and up lifting. They are the creators of the zodiac with their childlike energy and joy and can help throughout the Neptune retrograde cycle (which ends in November) to come back to our passions and defy the bounds of “logic” that tell us our dreams aren’t possible (and they definitely ARE possible, so keep one firm foot in that reality and use the other to explore where you’re headed)

#MOONMOODS – Week of June 17th 2019

This isn’t about sinking into the negative – no, quite the opposite. It is about highlighting all that we have to work with and finding a way to keep our dreams something we float through instead of trudge through. Find the magic of your path at this time and let the darkness illuminate and inspire you.