August Taroscopes | The MGC

Welcome to August! While here we often feel that rush of summer coming over us, in Traditional Chinese Medicine August is also when we start preparing for fall. You may feel the cool touch at the edge of a breeze appearing at this time of year reminding us another change is yet to come.

August is ruled by Leo season, which we’re engrained in for 2/3 of it’s days. Leo season is about letting ourselves luxuriate in the hard work we’ve put forward so our inner child can bask in the energy of giving AND receiving.

July Taroscopes

There is a strong current of gratitude in July. Every sign has it in some way – being grateful for what we’ve done, where we’ve come from, what we have. Just allowing ourselves to be humbled and aware of what we’ve built for ourselves. This is a time to slow down a little bit and give ourselves the love and dedication we’ve been giving to our passions and ideas. We are an irreplaceable part of everything we do, and while there has been a lot of behind the scenes work going on it is now time to recognize all the work thats also gone into the development of being who we need to be for these next stages. Take a deep breath.

June Taroscope

“What is powerful about Gemini is that they are always living from a place of “what is my truth in this moment?”. They may not be great at keeping plans, but they are great at being fully present in whatever it is they choose to do. “


A taroscope is my personal mash-up of astrology and tarot reading. I take into account the “major transits” (or at least the ones I am aware and knowledgeable about) going on at any given time for an overview, then pull 2 cards for each sign – the energy you’re bringing and the challenge you will face in this.