Want to know where your energy is leading you? What your subconscious focus, worries, and hopes are? Where your trajectory is taking you? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m a professional tarot reader who has been privately reading for 4+ years. I’ve studied the cards and various energetic arts extensively in personal and professional practice settings, with the focus of my readings being to empower and educate you in what the cards say for you as well as their symbolic standing.



Sunday / 12PM – 3PM
Monday / 12PM – 3PM
Tuesday / 12PM – 3PM

Contact to inquire about other times, bookings, availability, and parties of more than 2. Want a service you don’t see? Just ask here.

a close up of a Rider Waite Tarot Deck that displaces the 4 of Wands card face up.


3 Card Reading / 15 min / 15$

3 cards, generally representing current past, present, and near future.

5 Card Reading / 20 min / 25$

5 cards, representing self(1), what you are working towards/focused on(2), your current influences(3), what situation you’re working through currently (4), and the result of all these (5)

Specific Inquiry Reading / 30 min / 40$

If you have a specific question or desire you wish to learn about, I will pull up to 10 cards on this topic in a Q+A format.

Celtic Cross Reading / 45 – 60 min / 50$

This is traditionally an 11 card spread that will reveal your deepest self, current self, challenges, environments, strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams. This is a valuable spread for beginners and those who need a major check in on their current life as a whole.

Birthday/ Year Reading / 60 min / 80$

A 15 card spread for each month of the year from the time of reading, a card for who + what you represent in this time, a card for a personal challenges, and a card for personal strengths. This does not have to be done on the day of your birthday or at the beginning of the year – it can be read at any time for the 12 months ahead.

Customized Spread / 75 min / 100$

You choose how many cards, and I will decipher. I’ve done up to 21 cards in these sessions, revealing who you are, what your blockages and challenges are, what your current situation is, what your subconscious focus is, and on. This spread is a deeply personal and intuitive experience, where one must be open wholly to hearing about the great and the challenging. It will give you real insight and clarity. This is great if you are feeling major shifts happen, are making important decisions, or are perhaps feeling in need of guidance that goes deeper than calling your mom.

Event Reading / 3 hour min. / 50$ an hour

Want to make your event a little more mystical? I’m available for events, parties, and gatherings. Paid by the hour for 3+5 card readings for the guests at your magical event.

Close up of Rider Waite Tarot Deck with the blue plaid back of the cards peeking out of worn, and taped box.


  • Reading Break-Down + 5$ / Readings of more than 5 cards include a written break down of your reading, including symbology of the cards, and the interpretation of them for your reading. E-mailed to you in PDF format within 48 hours of reading.
  • Reading Recording + 3$ / Recording of session upon request e-mailed to you within 48 hours of reading.
  • Custom Bath Salts/Scrub + 15$ / Want to solidify the ritual you just experienced? I’ll make you a batch of epsom salts or scrub (if you prefer to shower) curated to your reading, needs, and sensitivities. *seasonally dependant ingredients **message about inquiries and availability

*subject to change