Want to know where your energy is leading you? What your subconscious focus, worries, and hopes are? Where your trajectory is taking you? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m a professional tarot reader who has been privately reading for 4+ years. I’ve studied the cards and various energetic arts extensively in personal and professional practice settings, with the focus of my readings being to empower and educate you in what the cards say for you as well as their symbolic standing.

I include astrological and moon information into every reading to help you understand how your reading is influenced by forces outside of you, and to give you information to keep learning and deepening your intuitive knowledge beyond the reading.


“Forest’s tarot readings are a no BS look straight into your soul. She has this magnificent way of tapping into your energy and using the cards like a mirror giving you a snapshot of exactly where you are and what you’re headed through. Whether you’re looking for confirmation for what you’ve already been feeling, or need to clear some muddy waters for new direction I can’t recommend this girls readings enough. She’s so good at vocalizing what the cards are saying and clarifying anything that may have gotten lost in translation.” – Lindsay Umlah

“Forests’ strong intuition, coupled with her poetic dialogue is both unique and charming. I found her tarot reading to be exceptionally accurate and calming. She worked well with my inquisitive nature and happily explored any questions I posed. She relates easily to others just as others will relate to Forest.” – Olivia Chelsea

“I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with my new friend Forest on my own project, which fortunately transpired into a lovely tarot reading.  The intimacy, yet stable structurality of her reading was like nothing I’ve experienced before. I consider myself a fairly active tarot enthusiast, I’ve had many readings in the past, leaving me with an average but solid understanding of the art.  Forest has a way of making a reading her own, unique to her but also tailored to the person she is reading. She is so sweet, kind and can speak mountains of wisdom and grace for someone who is only just beginning their fruitful journey.” – Melanie

“Forest read my cards and it was such a beautiful experience. It was as if she and the cards were reading my subconscious thoughts. She told me things I had been thinking about without knowing I was thinking about them. She found a way to articulate my current life and make me realize how to embrace my present while looking to my future. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a reading, it was enlightening, freeing and such a wonderful experience. ” – Marcie



BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – You can e-mail me at forestgreenwell@gmail.com for inquiries and bookings or fill out the “Book Now” form below!

Photo by Justine Barnhart



  • All readings happen within 30 minute increments unless explicitly stated.
  • Charges must be paid IN FULL – cash, e-transfer, and paypal accepted
  • Adding additional cards/questions to a reading WILL result in extra fees.
  • Every reading comes with a break down e-mailed to you that includes the symbology of the cards, interpretations of them for your reading, and where they were placed in the reading. This includes any notes or patterns found in the reading as well.
  • If you would like a recorded version of the reading, please let me know before the session starts and I will send it to you with your break down.

3 Card Reading / 10$

3 cards, generally representing current past, present, and near future.

5 Card Reading / 15$

5 cards, representing self(1), what you are working towards/focused on(2), your current influences(3), what situation you’re working through currently (4), and the result of all these (5)

Photo by Justine Barnhart

Cross Reading / 20$

This is traditionally an 11 card spread that will reveal your deepest self, current self, challenges, environments, strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams. This is a valuable spread for beginners and those who need a major check in on their current life as a whole.

Customized Spread / 30$

You choose how many cards, and I will decipher. I’ve done up to 21 cards in these sessions, revealing who you are, what your blockages and challenges are, what your current situation is, what your subconscious focus is, and on. This spread is a deeply personal and intuitive experience, where one must be open wholly to hearing about the great and the challenging. It will give you real insight and clarity. This is great if you are feeling major shifts happen, are making important decisions, or are perhaps feeling in need of guidance that goes deeper than calling your mom.

Birthday/ Year Reading / 40$

A 15 card spread for each month of the year from the time of reading, a card for who + what you represent in this time, a card for a personal challenges, and a card for personal strengths. This does not have to be done on the day of your birthday or at the beginning of the year – it can be read at any time for the 12 months ahead.

Event Reading / 3 hour min. / 50$ an hour

Want to make your event a little more mystical? I’m available for events, parties, and gatherings. Paid by the hour for card readings for the guests at your magical event. Have a tarot reading for your baby shower, wedding party, birthday parties, and other milestone events.

photo by Justine Barnhart / using salt to ground and cleanse the energies of the cards. Using salt is a part of all readings that I do.

*subject to change