The Artist’s Way 12 Week Container

“The Artist’s Way Course with Forest is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I had no idea what to expect from this program, but the 12-week course was a life changer. The first few weeks were hard, I won’t lie, and I would have never completed this program without the amazing community created by Forest. The support and acceptance that came from Forest and the group container, in addition to the course itself, added a whole other level of learning and brought me to a creative community that I desperately needed. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who has questioned if it might be for them, yes, it is! It will change your life in ways you never thought it could. For me, it helped bring me back to myself, understand creativity in new ways and introduced me to this amazing community that has reignited my passion for creativity and art. ” – Erin Legare

I had no idea how much the Artist’s Way Work and Group Support would affect me. The exercises dissected my habits, beliefs, and narratives around creativity throughout my life. It led me to many breakthroughs personally and professionally that I’ll carry with me for a long time. The group support always offered a soft place to land, laugh, and connect with like-minded and supportive people. I’m very glad I followed my instinct to sign-up, even if I didn’t quite know what to expect at the time. After completing the 12 weeks, I feel so much more playful, determined, and revived creatively. ” – Jacqueline Blanchard

“Back when it came out I kept seeing it, but didn’t read it, and in the last few years I’ve noticed so many creatives/artists refer to it, still didn’t get it… Now I am so pleased I finally went through it! (and that is what you do, you move through it:)If you feel the pull, don’t hesitate. Forest is such a natural at making any & every space inviting, it was such a positive experience I’ll always be grateful for her.” – Allison Hunter

“Forest’s ability to hold space for others is a gift. She has been an incredible teacher to me as I navigate the realms of magick and spirituality for the first time. The care, attention and energy she gives to every facet of her teachings means that she will support you through every stage of your initiations in life.”

Rowan Morrissy

Tarot Readings

“I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with my new friend Forest on my own project, which fortunately transpired into a lovely tarot reading. The intimacy, yet stable structurality of her reading was like nothing I’ve experienced before. I consider myself a fairly active tarot enthusiast, I’ve had many readings in the past, leaving me with an average but solid understanding of the art. Forest has a way of making a reading her own, unique to her but also tailored to the person she is reading. She is so sweet, kind and can speak mountains of wisdom and grace for someone who is only just beginning their fruitful journey.” – Melanie

Forest read my cards and it was such a beautiful experience. It was as if she and the cards were reading my subconscious thoughts. She told me things I had been thinking about without knowing I was thinking about them. She found a way to articulate my current life and make me realize how to embrace my present while looking to my future. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a reading, it was enlightening, freeing and such a wonderful experience. ” – Marcie

“Forests’ strong intuition, coupled with her poetic dialogue is both unique and charming. I found her tarot reading to be exceptionally accurate and calming. She worked well with my inquisitive nature and happily explored any questions I posed. She relates easily to others just as others will relate to Forest.” – Olivia Chelsea

“Forest’s tarot readings are a no BS look straight into your soul. She has this magnificent way of tapping into your energy and using the cards like a mirror giving you a snapshot of exactly where you are and what you’re headed through. Whether you’re looking for confirmation for what you’ve already been feeling, or need to clear some muddy waters for new direction I can’t recommend this girls readings enough. She’s so good at vocalizing what the cards are saying and clarifying anything that may have gotten lost in translation.” – Lindsay Umlah

Other Work

“I had the absolute pleasure of

“Forest’s ability to hold space for others is a gift. She has been an incredible teacher to me as I navigate the realms of magic and spirituality for the first time.The care, attention and energy she gives to every facet of her teachings means that she will support you through every stage of your initiations in life.

With her guidance, I’ve now enacted two separate candle spells that have had a profound impact on my sense of self. She helped me set my intentions and provided me with the support, environment and tools I needed to safely express my desires as truths. within a half hour of lighting my second candle I received a message directly pertaining to the intent behind the spell.

Her guidance has helped me honour and trust my intuition in a way that feels like I am finally coming home.” – Rowan Morrissy

“Honestly, you (and the lords of the Akashic I suppose) have given me something better than anything I have ever received. The remembrance of before and the language is returning in waves… I had a reiki session… she articulated how there were no chakras that she felt, just one column of light like my human energetic blueprint has dissolved. The message she gave was “You are no longer Kennedy, you’re connected with your constellation”.”– Kennedy, Akashic Record Testimonial