A course for the curious of heart & mind looking to understand the language of the universe

Traditionally Tarot has been used to tell the future; this makes us wonder what we need to know now in order to get there?

The Language of Tarot is a course of education and empowerment vs memorization and predictions.

We focus on building a groundwork of knowledge that allows you as a reader to infer your own experiences, truths, and symbolism into your practice. Whether you want to read as a professional, enjoy pulling cards in your personal practices or aren’t sure where you want to go this is a course designed for all levels of reader.


HD, professionally filmed and edited videos to make learning a breeze. With over 6 hours of video content over 6 modules, this course is packed with content to take in at your own pace in your own way.


The Language of Tarot is your go-to tool from here on out. We cover history, symbolism, spread building, rituals, the stories of the major and minor arcana and 100 more topics. It’s 60+ pages of beautiful, easy to read text, diagrams and has everything linked with ease throughout it.

Applying Knowledge

Each section of the course has a prompt for how to engage with the knowledge. This is a hands on course with built-in practices and pieces to help make what you’re learning tangible. You can work with any deck as you move through this course.

Your Teacher

I call myself a Mystic Guide; a person who speaks secret languages in secret places. With 8 years of Tarot Reading experience under my belt, 3 books of poetry, a strong foundation astrological knowledge and a business based in building spiritual community I can say with confidence I have a strong relationship with the things we don’t ~see~ (but know.)

I’m giving you everything I’ve learned not only in Tarot, but as a poet and mystic and person who is so curious abut everything out there. I come to you as a human that’s used these tools to grow my life into everything it can be. By using the cards as a way to understand myself better, build on my strengths and support my places of weakness I’ve been able to actionably take all the things we don’t know and find a way to make them tangible parts of my journey.

I’ve read for thousands of people, have done years of spell work for myself and others, and truly have gone into the depths of what it means to be a modern reader and build a relationship with Tarot that is unique, impactful, and allows us to be courageous.

Forest’s ability to hold space for others is a gift. She has been an incredible teacher to me as I navigate the realms of magick and spirituality for the first time. The care, attention and energy she gives to every facet of her teachings means that she will support you through every stage of your initiations in life.”

Rowan Morrissy

The Lessons

The Groundwhere we look at where we will be building our knowledge. This includes history, how tarot can be used, and beliefs to invigorate your practice

The Seedswhere we look at the knowledge we are planting; numerology, the elements, figures, archetypes, colours, crystals and more

Little Secretsthe minor arcana, the stories of each suit and how they work together.

Big Secretsthe major arcana, the fools journey and the archetypal story of our becoming

The Rootsspreads, their purpose, how to build them and read them, and all the facets that make up a spread

The Fruits – your relationship with tarot, rituals, building a practice and becoming a reader

The Language of Tarot

A self paced e-course designed to help you build an intimate relationship with tarot, the symbolism of your world, and build a genuine practice based off intuition vs memorization. Entire course is accessed through an interactive PDF workbook so you can learn anywhere and everywhere.


What makes this course different from other tarot courses?

  • personality; it’s funny! We can know the cards are serious and still laugh at ourselves. We can swear in spiritual places! I show you how to bring yourself into your practice by bringing my whole self
  • education vs memorization; we focus on building knowledge about what makes the cards so you can infer your own meanings
  • visually powerful; HD video, an easy to read and aesthetically beautiful ebook, descriptive graphics
  • practice; each module comes with practical suggestions on how to integrate your knowledge
  • accessible; everything you need is contained in an interactive PDF – you don’t have to save tabs, search for links or remember which device you downloaded it on. Access it anytime, anywhere
  • learning styles; we don’t all learn the same, that’s why you can watch or listen to the videos & read the book to make the most out of how you learn and the support you need

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