as we move into a 6 year, the vibration of our experiences and lessons shift…

 The number of irrigation. The nourishment that comes after the tide of truth pulls itself out and reveals to us what has been left on the shore of a new year. This number is ruled by Venus, which asks us to look at our values, priorities, where we find beauty, the quality of our connections, and the way we interact with pleasure.

photos by Justine Barnhart

All in all, I think we can sink into a feeling of endurance as a form of playful tension between us and the universe. Let it be sexy. Let it turn you on. Let it intimidate, inspire, and help you conspire to surrender to the power of what you yearn for yourself.

– forest greenwell, 2022 Tune-In

Often when a new year sets in, we get caught up in being “better” and making goals that end up falling away in a few weeks. It’s a time of year when we are inundated with ways we have failed, could have done better, and confronted by all that we pushed aside during the holiday season.

SO, instead of all that fuckery, Tune-In with me. We’ll look at the numbers and symbology for the year ahead, the truth of how we can be in alignment with the energy around us and get clear about how we can nourish ourselves more effectively in the year ahead. We’ll look at what the year is offering us and how we can be align ourselves and our needs to be supported during this 6 year.

This comes as a PDF download with a link to the recorded video, and the meditation and reading coming as podcast episodes shortly.

  • vision boarding
  • journalling prompts
  • 2022 symbolism + numerology check in
  • mini collective tarot reading
  • meditation
  • astrology
  • and more!!!

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