This is partly a works cited, partly a place you can find my work. This is focused on creative endeavours and will rarely include work in the realms of website building, content creation, and other such modalities.


This is the online magazine I write my monthly tarotscopes for. They have content featured in english and french and originates from France!

“SLAE is a digital magazine about ethical fashion, pop culture, TV series and femininity. It is a media made by millennial women for millennial  women – but guys are welcome too.”


herHABITAT is a NFP and online community I founded. While I have since dissolved the corporation side of it and scaled back on the resources (which were out of pocket and hard to maintain as a solo creative!) it has a lot of great content and resources. Although it doesn’t have the layout from its peak and hasn’t been updated in a couple of seasons, it holds a bulk of my articles and writing that can be checked out. I will be working towards moving personal pieces over to and you can look for them on my blog.


“in this edition of EVE, local artists explore their relationships with the women in their lives. uncovering their own womanhood through mythology and family history. these artists define the societal boundaries women face on a daily basis, challenging them through poetry, photography and storytelling.”
You can find a photo series by and featuring my in the first edition.


“Feels is a zine about feelings. What do you feel? How do you express it? Oftentimes, we feel things we cannot articulate. Feels delves into the earnest and raw expression of emotions, presenting feelings – those of our own and those of others – for you to absorb, digest, and connect with. Through a variety of mediums, we want to bridge the gap between those felt and those expressed. From those you can’t describe to those you never knew you had.”

You can find my first-person piece about a panic attack in the “Fear” issue, and can also read it here.


“Revibe Toronto is a project that celebrates and supports small-scale, local creators and entrepreneurs through our multi-faceted platform.
In everything we do, we showcase Toronto’s creative community and absorb some of the many risks and boundaries that folks in these fields often face.
We are map to Toronto’s grassroots, small-scale creative community – making it easier than ever to support local creators and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to use everything in our power to make the creative industries more sustainable for those who work/live within it.”

You can find me in Volume 4 on page 28, and in their upcoming Volume 5 where I was interviewed!


Run by Mel, aka Peaches, DIGITAL diary is a podcast-like platform where this sweet Gemini soul dishes out and fishes for her inspirations. From solo chats about things that are influencing her to interviewing artist, she’s wonderful to talk with and listen to. You can listen to our interview and read more about it here.


With the release of my second book, I also released an EP with Man With Three Heads. It’s a combination of his mixes with my spoken word featuring 2 poems fro Under The Callous and one from my first book, Selective Memory of The Subconscious.

Here you can also find my newest podcast Impractical Spirituality with Amanda Baiocco


Here you can find my podcast with Teagan Johnston of Little Coyote.

“This isn’t a podcast just for women – it’s for anyone who feels like they don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing in the world and learning how to be okay with that. Impractical Women’s Studies is a podcast that talks about important topics in an accessible and relatable light. We uncover sex, creativity, liberation, art, music, life. We do a live feed on our facebook for those that want to be a part of the discussion, and to humanize the idea of a podcast. We’re not sitting in a small room with a mic, usually we’re drinking wine in bed and having real chats because that is real life and we want to make real life accessible to you in all formats. We’re not just a podcast; we’re a community. And we’re badass.”


This is the original platform for Impractical Women’s Studies. You can find most of our episodes here, including ones not approved by iTunes. (lol)


This is where I unload my weird thoughts, questions, and where you can see my sense of humour truly unfold.


This is where you can follow me in my day-to-day excursions and updates. It’s where I post the most often and am the most reachable. You’ll find any and all news here first and get a say in what I post. It’s the best place to communicate with me.

Indigo + AMAZON

This is where you can find my first book Selective Memory of The Subconscious.

“A book of dark, whimsical poetry and prose. It brings you into the recess of a young woman’s mind, where the turmoil and light of experiences intermingle. With hints of romance, conversation, mystical, and a blatancy that is at times hard to over-look, this is a collection to be felt by any reader.”


Blurb is the platform I use to publish and distribute my books. It has a wide array of other self-published artists and has both of my books in both formats for sale.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Contact me here to see if I can help you!